6 Best Beaches in Colombia

Colombia, a South American country bordered by the Caribbean Sea, Panama, Ecuador, Peru and the Pacific Ocean. Thanks to its strategic location, Colombia is rich in natural sceneries and beautiful beaches. Also, have a look at the best beaches in Uruguay.

Beaches and marine life are two main commodities in Colombian tourism. Known for its fascinating natural wonders and sustainable attractions, there’s no shortage of beaches to visit. Go through our list for the best ones to include into your itinerary.

6 Best Beaches in Colombia

Beaches in Colombia are definitely some of the most beautiful in the world! Beaches are a great activity for people of all ages. These beaches have crystal clear waters, white sand and warm temperatures year round! Beaches in Colombia are famous for their yearly carnivals, music festivals and cultural events. Beautiful sunsets at these beaches make them popular spots for photographers around the world.

Many famous Colombians visit Beaches in Colombia every year to enjoy the exceptional weather during this time of year. Beaches in Colombia are well known for being family friendly destinations so you will never feel out of place or uncomfortable here with your little ones.

Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona

Parque-Nacional-Natural-Tayrona Located on the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, this beach is unique with lush green mountain range as its backdrop. It also boasts amazing stretches of golden sand with crystal clear water. There are three main beaches in this park, namely Cabo San Juan de Guia, Playa Cristal and La Aranilla. Cabo San Juan de Guia and Playa Cristal are pretty low-key beaches, but La Aranilla is the highlight.

This beach is equipped with uniquely shaped granite rocks in the water and also at the beach. Some even said that La Aranilla is one of the most photographed beaches in Colombia. It’s definitely one to show off on your social media feed! The beaches are pretty secluded, and you won’t be able to find any accommodations near them because it’s prohibited to stay within the national park area.

But don’t worry, you can definitely stay just about 30 minutes away from them at Santa Marta. There are many hotels and motels suitable for any type of budget.

Playa Blanca

playa-blanca Located just under an hour away from the city of Cartagena, this beach is a popular day-trip destination that you can enjoy during a free weekend. It’s in the Isla de Baru area, and it consists of a long and narrow white sandy beach with beautiful crystal clear water lined with green vegetation at the back.

There are also lots of humble restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy their fresh seafood to your heart’s consent. If you’re done with swimming and snorkelling here, you can always go on an island-hopping trip around the nearby Islas del Rosario chain to soak in more wonderful sights and golden shores.

Playa de Palomino

Playa-de-Palomino If you have a spare week, you might want to try and visit the small town of Palomino at the farther east of Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona. Once you laid eyes on the spectacular Playas de Palomino or Palomino Beach, you won’t regret the miles you travelled through. The beach and its blond sands are framed with tall palm trees and stretch for miles and miles from east to west of the small sleepy town.

You will be delighted to hear that this beach is still very secluded and underdeveloped, so most of the time it’s very sparse aside from a few local visitors. The calm waves are ideal for swimming and snorkelling. There’s no fancy hotel here, but you can always have your pick of small inns and resorts on the waterfront ranging from cheap, ecolodge, and hostels to mid-range hotels. If you’re after a relaxing, private getaway that’s affordable; Palomino should be on your list.

The Beaches of Capurgana

Capurgana This area is definitely one to visit! Just across the border from Panama in the Choco region, you can find the main beach, Playa Soledad. Which is a small crescent beach, that’s well protected from offshore surf. So the waters are as calm as it gets here. The area is hard to reach and will require a trek over the green jungle. But the payoff is worth it. You can then head on to La Miel, crossing the border with Panama.

You can always just take a short boat ride from Capurgana to the region, and go back in the afternoon to enjoy the relaxed surrounding towns with a decent variety of accommodation and dining choices. If you’re after more adventure, you can go further to reach the San Blas Islands in Panama.


If you’re adventurous and hungry to visit somewhere that’s untouched, this beach is it. Guachalito is one of the calmest, most beautiful beaches in Colombia. The beach is even edged and surrounded by lush virgin jungle, where you can find wildlife freely roaming the trees. If you venture a little bit inside, you can also find waterfalls flowing over huge rocks. The beach is quite unique when compared with others in Colombia.

The sand is black, and the waves are calm in the cove so you can swim and float around. Thanks to the seclusion, you can still spot some whales and dolphins passing by if you’re lucky.

Johnny Kay

Johnny Kay is a must-visit spot in Colombia. It’s in a regional park, so you will need to pay a small fee before entering this beach. But once there, you can spend the whole day just enjoying the natural beauty and surroundings. It requires a little bit of effort to visit, and you need to hitch a short boat ride from the mainland. It’s very popular, but because of the size of the beach, you can always find a spot for yourself to enjoy it here.

The island is small and it’s very fun to walk around and find yourself back to where you started. It’s a perfect short getaway where you can enjoy a white sandy beach and calm waters. Just remember that the last boat ride comes at about 4 PM, so get ready before then if you don’t want to get stranded here!

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