9 Best Beaches in Gambia

Gambia is a small West African country, bounded by Senegal that has a narrow Atlantic coastline. It’s also known for diverse ecosystems around the Central Gambia River. You can also view the best beaches in Ghana.

Aside from the wildlife, the little body of waters they possess are also home to beautiful beaches that’s pristine and affordable. If you ever visit Gambia, make sure you spare some time to visit these beaches!

9 Best Beaches in Gambia

There are many Beaches in Gambia that you can visit, but in this article I wanted to share my favourite Beaches in Gambia. Beaches in the Western part of The Gambia are obviously more tropical, with lots of palm trees. Beaches in the Eastern side are different, and have different types of Beaches.

Cape Point

cape-point One of the most famous places in Gambia, Cape Point offers plenty of accommodations to choose from, lined with sun loungers with parasols. The wide beige beach is ideal for those wanting to get away from crowded areas. The sheer size of this shore makes sure everyone has their privacy, and the developed areas are great for those seeking creature comforts.

There’s also lovely restaurants and beach bars, serving a great range of foods and drinks. If you stay near the water, you can also see some crocodiles. There’s also colourful birds in the trees near tourist resorts.


bakau This beach is located in a fishing village, so you’ll enjoy a view of colourful fishermen boats lining up on the shore. You can always visit the market to buy the local catfish or mackerel to cook. But if you’re not into cooking, you can visit the local restaurants and enjoy their seafood there.

Although this area is more of a fishing spot, there’s African Village Hotel that offers man-made sunbathing terrace for their customers. If you’re not into man-made beach, you can always rent a boat and go to the stretches of rocky coves that offer perfect spot for some beach fishing.

Kotu Beach

kotu Famous for the tourists, Kotu beach is a well developed area that offers comfortable lodging and wide stretches of white sands. It’s the quintessential beachy tourist spot, with sun loungers and parasols lining up the white sandy beach, backed by palm trees, hotels and restaurants.

This is your best bet if you’re taking your family, thanks to its soft waves and flat shore. It’s famous for sunset strolls along the beach, and you can wait until the stars come out on the beach loungers.


kololi This beach is a bit narrow, and proximity to the city, it can be a little bit crowded during the day. But it’s still great to walk and swim in, because it has calmer waves and pleasant water temperature. There’s also bars and restaurants that you can enjoy until night time. Stay a while to enjoy the sunset, and have dinner at one of their bars to soak in its charm.

Bijilo Beach

bijilo Located in the southern edge of Gambia, Bijilo is a tourist resort in Kololi and can be reached on foot after a 45 minute stroll. Go further to reach even more secluded spots, and find small hotels here to stay in. The further away you are, the more pristine and beautiful the beaches are.

There are some local fruit sellers and a beach bar, but little else is available. So it caters more to people looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Grab a coconut and relax on this Gambian beach, no one will bother you here!


Brufut is an unspoilt beach that’s quiet and tranquil, away from the city and near Bijilo and Kololi. The beach stretches for miles in either direction, and offers a wide flat area to lunge on. It’s far from civilization, so you might want to book a stay in the nearby hotel to avoid being stranded here. The sand is soft and golden, and the waves are soft turquoise blue.


tanji Tanji is very similar to Bakau, as it has no dedicated spots for sunbathing or swimming. It’s mainly used as a fishing port with brightly painted pirogues and fish markets. This beach is a beautiful sight to see, and you’ll definitely want to soak in the local culture here.


A very secluded beach area, with only one beach bar available. The beach is very wide and so pristine, it’s almost like it’s untouched. There’s less crowd here, even during peak season. Maybe because it’s still underdeveloped and has less choices in terms of accommodations.

But if you’re after a relaxing getaway, Batokunku has one good resort and also a beach bar. The magnificent sunsets surely make up for it and so do the delicious seafood.

Sanyang Beach

sanyang-beach This beach offers the best of both worlds. You can lounge and relax at the beach area, and enjoy a fish market in another. This beach is popular for day trips, thanks to its proximity to the city. There’s plenty of restaurants, deckchairs, and hammocks to spoil you.

You can come here in the morning to enjoy the sunrise, then wait until afternoon to enjoy local freshly caught seafood right by the beach. Be mindful that this is also very popular with the local tourists, so you might want to get there earlier.

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