14 Best Beaches in India

The first thing that comes to mind when you put India and the beach together is obviously Goa. But this list proves that India is not just about Goa, and there are many options that you can choose from from the luxurious beaches to the most secluded. Go through our list to plan your next Indian tropical holiday!

14 Best Beaches in India

Beaches in India are the tourist attractions, which are very famous in India. Beaches attract many people from other countries. Beaches have become major tourist attraction in India and they cover a vast expanse of coastal area to achieve maximum benefit. You may also want to check out the best beaches in Bangladesh.

Beaches across India give chances to tourists for enjoying sunbath, aquatic sports and boat rides with their family members or friends. Beaches facilitate tourists for shopping while travelling within India because Beaches have immense marketplaces where vendors sell variety of goods that obviously add colours to Indian tourism scene. Beaches also stimulate countryside fun activities such as fishing, camping etc., while visiting beaches with family or friends help them create memorable moments that will always be cherished by them.

Calangute Beach

Calangute is also known as the Queen of Beaches in the Goa region because it caters to all types of tourists: from nature lovers to party animals. It’s famous for the vibrant markets and a beach that’s lined with dense palm and coconut trees. The city is also filled with ancient and historical buildings, so when you’re done with the beach you can go sightseeing. This tranquil but lively beach really has it all.

Baga Beach

This beach is the best for people who crave activities and is easily bored. Baga is commercialized and busy, with lots of action: water sports, parasailing, beach shacks, bars, clubs, and fine dining restaurants. You can find them all here! Affordable and lively, Baga is a favourite among locals.

Palolem Beach

A must-have in the list, Palolem is located in Goa; the most popular beach tourist area in India. The constant flux of visitors means that this area is very well developed for tourists looking for creature comforts. Palolem is a less crowded beach down south with better views too. This beach is surrounded by a coconut palm forest, which makes for a great photo op. There’s also yoga and massages on offer for those looking for a more relaxing time. We also recommend you to go dolphin sightseeing off the coast of the Arabian Sea when you visit this area.

Gokarna Beach

Located in Karnataka, this strip of beachy land can even be the envy of Goa. This beach is famous for its white, soft beaches and also spiritualism. It’s a popular destination for backpackers, with many hotels and motels available and ubiquitous trendy cafes. If you’re adventurous, make sure Gokarna is included in your list of places to visit.

Tarkarli Beach

Another awesome alternative to Goa. You can drive northwest to find this region, with its serene waters, old villages and ancient sea forts. It’s the ideal place for those seeking more downtime and relaxation rather than parties. There’s also Sindhudurg Fort just about 45 minutes drive away for the history buffs. Cultured and chill, it’s the perfect place for a short getaway.

Kaup Beach

Located in the same region as Gokarna, Kaup beach is a unique beach surrounded by blue ocean and green casuarina trees. There’s also a century-old lighthouse that you can find along the beach, from which you can see the most beautiful sunsets over. It’s also a short boat ride away from St. Mary’s island, where you can find amazing geological monuments. For those seeking a different beach trip, Kaup beach is highly recommended.

Tharangambadi Beach

This one is another must-visit place for the history buffs. The direct translation of its name is “the land of singing waves”, due to its beautiful bay. This sleepy and quiet city is also packed with old churches and monuments from the time of Danish and British rules.

Radhanagar Beach

Nominated to be one of the best beaches in Asia, Radhanagar is located in the remote Havelock island. It’s not too developed yet, so if you’re looking for something off the beaten track, this beach is your perfect choice. There are lots of activities you can do here, from sunbathing, surfing, fishing, kayaking, trekking, and even scuba diving. It’s home to the most beautiful colourful coral reefs, so if you visit you must try diving or at least snorkelling on Radhanagar’s shore.

Bekal Beach

Located in the famous Kerala region, Bekal beach is a shallow and flat beach that’s next to Bekal fort, hence the name. It offers a long stretch of golden sand and is famously used for occasional art installations.

Puri Beach

This one is for those looking for more of a party vibe, famous for plentiful bhang which is edible marijuana. Puri beach is a great one for backpackers and if you’re looking for a quieter area, you can go to Balighai and Chandrabhaga which are just a short drive away.

Mandarmani Beach

Located in a sleepy fishing village, this beach is still very much pristine and untouched by tourists. Not to worry though, it’s starting to be more developed thanks to its eight-mile-long beach that’s gaining popularity. The waters are exceptionally calm, so you can definitely swim and relax to your heart’s content. You should hurry up and visit before this place becomes too crowded!

Minicoy Beach

Located in the Lakshadweep or 100,000 islands area, this beach has private coves and some interesting water activities. If you’re after absolute isolation, Minicoy is your best bet here. It’s surrounded by brilliant coral reefs and is only about 1.8 square miles in area.

Rushikonda Beach

Another one of the most secluded beaches in India, this is a favourite among locals to go for a beach picnic. Be mindful that the current is pretty strong, so it’s more suitable for those wanting to surf or kayak. But the challenging conditions mean that this place is more suitable for experts. There’s also the famous Venkateswara Temple that you can visit.

Kovalam Beach

One of the most well known and developed areas of Kerala, Kovalam is made of two beautiful coves: Hawa and Lighthouse. This trendy area has a lighthouse open-air restaurant that’s especially stunning during sunsets. It’s also the perfect place for surfers and avid water sports fans. Thanks to its fame, you can find both luxurious or modest accommodations in Kovalam.

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