8 Best Beaches in Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos is Nigeria’s largest city that sprawls inland from the Gulf of Guinea across Lagos Lagoon. Victoria Island, which is the center of the metropolis, is known for its beach resorts, boutiques and nightlife. There are about 30 beaches you can enjoy in this city alone, and here are some of the best that we can find!

8 Best Beaches in Lagos, Nigeria

There are many different Beaches in Lagos State. Beaches in Lagos State include Badagry Beaches, Beach Beaches in Epe, Beaches in Ikorodu, Beaches in Lagos Island and Beaches in Lekki. There are also Beaches on Victoria Island, Lagos Beaches at Bar Beach and the Lekki Beaches which are more popular with tourists because of their beauty. You can also see the best beaches in Namibia.

The beaches have been completely developed for tourism while other communities around them also benefit from the development as they no longer suffer from lack of water supply to their communities and some even get employment opportunities such as boatmen for cruise ships that ply the waters of these Beaches.

Oniru Beach

oniru A private beach area owned by the Onitro Royal Family, this beach is famous for being beautiful and serene. It’s very quiet and less noisy compared to the other beaches in Lagos, and caters to those looking for a tranquil getaway. Oniru is highly rated as the cleanest beach in the metropolis, and also a well secured waterfront beach. It’s one to choose if you’re travelling with kids and family.

Tarkwa Bay Beach

tarkwa This beach is located on Onisiwo Island in the Lagos Harbour. There’s a few secluded beaches here only accessible by boats. Tarkwa is a quiet beach that offers many different water sports to enjoy.

The list is endless, like water-skiing, swimming, kayaking, paddling or snorkelling. But the water is generally calm here, so you can’t really go for a surf. Tarkwa is considered as one of the cheapest beaches in Lagos, with affordable entry fee and boat ride. It’s a popular beach for foreign tourists, so you might want to pick your days wisely here. You can often spot some exotic boats, yachts and speedboats around the marina.

Ilashe Beach

ilashe Another luxurious resort in Lagos is Ilashe beach resort. It’s well known for its location, exclusivity and privacy. You can enjoy soft golden beaches with clean water here, and do some crowd watching – most of the houses are owned by the rich and famous in Lagos, so you’ll probably spot a few celebs here.

Aside from that, you can stay in one of the beach houses that are for rent. You can also enjoy the natural greenery as a backdrop as you stroll along the beach. And if you’re bored, you can always hop on the marina to do some water sports or visit a nearby restaurant for lunch.

Kuramo Beach

Kuramo beach is a sandy beach located at the south side of Victoria Island, just south of the Kuramo water lagoon. Previously it was occupied by numerous illegal shanties and cabins, before a surge of the Atlantic Ocean hit this beach and destroyed the illegal dwellings.

Cleaned and refilled, it’s now a famous family friendly resort beach, where you can enjoy surfing and sand. If you’re after calmer waters, you can always take a short walk to the lagoon and take a swim there. Be careful not to visit during August though, because that’s when the current is strong, and the water level rises.

Landmark Beach

landmark-beach Another developed area is called the Landmark beach. This spot is ideal for watersports with its calm and inviting waves. It’s also lined with restaurants and bars, so if you get tired of playing in the water, you can always enjoy some fresh seafood at one of their lovely restaurants. This beach is geared more towards family, so it’s very low-key and relaxed. There’s also an abundance of nice hotels here, so it’s just perfect for a family weekend getaway.

Victoria Beach or Bar Beach

bar-beach Located on the shoreline of Victoria Island, it’s the most famous beach in Nigeria. The Bar Beach is actually made out of reclaimed land, and is called Eko Atlantic City now. The place is filled with amenities, with tourist spots. There’s also residential and business areas here, so the beach would likely be packed during peak hours. Go during daytime instead and enjoy a stroll along the beach then go for lunch in one of their nice restaurants.

Elegushi Beach

elegushi Elegushi is actually more of a private resort, and is one of the most popular ones in Lagos. This is the place to go to if you’re after fun, nightlife, dancing and adventure. It has a white sandy beach and water sports. There’s also spas and relaxation spots that you can enjoy here.

So whether you want to meditate or party – you can do both here! Book a night in the beach resort for a weekend getaway and get ready to feel refreshed. The beach is operated and open for 24 hours every day, so you can also enjoy a midnight stroll along the beach and enjoy the stars.

Coconut Beach

This beach is one of the oldest tourist spots in Nigeria, and located in the coastal town of Badagry. The name is actually derived from the dense vegetation of the coconut trees all across the beach.

The resort area shares a border with the Benin Republic, and is a favourite among local and international tourists. It offers a variety of restaurants, hotels and activities. You should try their seafood while you’re here, served with their famous natural coconut juice. Coconut beach is one of the most famous areas for foodies and adventure seekers.

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