Best Beaches in Singapore

Singapore is more than just one of the economy and technology hubs of Asia. Whilst many people visit this place to enjoy the built up shopping malls of Marina Bay, you can also find some pretty good beaches on the island too.

Though it’s not well known for it’s beaches, and you probably shouldn’t go there for this reason, that doesn’t mean you can’t take a dip whilst you’re there. So, lets look at some of the best beaches Singapore has to offer.

Best Beaches in Singapore

Beaches in Singapore are not as common as they are in other countries, like India, which is well known for its Indian beaches. Beaches can be found mainly in the East and West of Singapore, along the East coast and at Pulau Ubin island. Beaches are popular for recreation activities such as swimming, windsurfing and picnics. Beaches have were also once used as quarantine places to control leprosy and cholera cases in Singapore.

Lazarus Island

lazarus-island The best beach in Singapore isn’t actually on the mainland itself -it’s actually Lazarus island, which is just a 45 minute journey from the mainland. It’s very easy to access, and if you don’t want to experience Singapore’s busy lifestyle all day, then coming to Lazarus island is a must.

Getting away from the crowd by visiting Lazarus island, you’ll also be able to take a ton of photos, as it has a great backdrop of Singapore itself in the background. It’s pretty cheap to get a ticket to come here ($18 return), and the beaches are maintained regularly too.

There isn’t a great deal of built up areas on Lazarus island, so make sure that you take your own supplies. But it’s definitely worth visiting, and it’s probably the best Singaporean beach there is.

Siloso Beach

siloso-beach Sentosa island is just off the coast of Singapore, with as easy access as if it was on the mainland itself. There are many different activities for you to do in Sentosa, including Universal studios, the waterpark and an amazing golf club.

But many of the visitors here come for the beaches, which are all urban (man-made). Of these beaches, the most well known are Palawan, Tanjong and the best of the three, Siloso beach.

The good thing about human made beaches is that you can put them wherever you want them. Siloso is in a great location, and it has a good view of the boats out in the bay.

Many locals decide to visit Siloso on the weekends, so it can get pretty busy. It has a lot of different activities for you to enjoy there, including beach volleyball, with a bungee jump just around the corner.

All in all, if you’re looking for somewhere very close to the main area of Singapore, then checking out Siloso beach will likely fulfil your desire to get to a beach.

Punggol beach

Punggol-beach In the North of Singapore, you’ll find the the town of Punggol, where Punggol beach is located. In recent years, the government area trying to redevelop the area, and it can be a good place to find cheap accommodation.

The beach has a good combination of soft sand to walk on, along with large rocks and boulders, which often make the backdrop for photogenic images You’ll often find photographers out here trying to take the perfect photo.

This isn’t a good place to come to if you’re looking for tons of activities to do, but there are a lot of restaurants in the area, and it can be a great place for you to unwind and walk.

It’s impossible to mention Punggol beach without mentioning that it’s a massacre site with a lot of history relating to the Japanese invasion of Singapore. So, you might see people here paying their respects, and it’s important to show a level of respect in the area.

Changi Beach Park

changi-beach-park Singapore’s Changi airport is considered to be one of the best airports in the world. And as well as this, it’s one of the only airports that has a pretty awesome beach within a short distance from the airport itself. You can get to Singapore beach park within 10 minutes via a taxi.

Because of it’s name, many people don’t even contemplate coming here, assuming it’ll be some gimmick to do with the airport. But, it’s much more than that.

Whilst there is a beach here, the best part of the area is the park itself, which is positioned just off the beach. It enables you to get some sea breeze whilst just relaxing in the park. It’s a great place to get some exercise and do some running.

It is also a great place to look up at the night sky too, as you can see stars and constellations very easily from this area. Overall, whilst it might not be the best beach in Singapore for swimming, it’s still worth a visit.

East Coast Beach

east-coast-beach If you’re going to be exploring Singapore anyway, then it’s worth stopping by at East Coast Park/beach. It’s a large park area that extends onto the beach, which is a great place to watch the Sun go down.

There’s a nice breeze along the beach, and because there’s so many people usually around the area, you can find pretty much anything you need to here. It’s also very well maintained by both the locals and the government, so you don’t need to worry about it getting messy.

East Coast beach is just off of Parkway Parade, so it might be worth visiting here before or after you get some shopping done (one of the main reasons to visit Singapore!).

Bear in mind that this is bang in the middle of the city, so it’s usually going to be really busy. Many locals use the park to exercise, and you’ll often find folks walking through the park and along the beach too. But, it’s definitely one of the nice areas of Singapore.


So, these are just some of the best beaches that Singapore has to offer. Many of the locals also choose to get the ferry to Bintan island, which is only a short ferry ride away, and one of the best beaches in Indonesia).

Overall, whilst it’s not really a beach destination, you can still find some sand to walk on and kick back on in Singapore.

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