8 Best Beaches in South Africa

South Africa is located at the southernmost tip of the African continent. It has many different ecosystems, such as inland safari, lush beaches, winelands, craggy cliffs, forest and lagoons. You may also want to look at some of the best beaches in Mozambique.

Thanks to its location, South Africa has some of the most beautiful beaches. You might think only of Cape Town, but there’s also others all around this wonderful nation that are hidden gems. Read on and find out the best beaches in South Africa!

8 Best Beaches in South Africa

The Beaches in South Africa are quite ideal to visit during the summer months as they are free and open to all. Beaches in South Africa have been a key interest for many visitors and tourists who often go on holiday there just to enjoy swimming or relaxing in the sun.

Beaches in South Africa can be found along both the north and south coasts of the country, ranging from east to west but with some key locations such as KwaZulu-Natal containing beaches that are more popular than others. Beaches in South Africa range from small coves locally known as “vlei” through to world renowned surfing destinations such as Jeffreys Bay.

Robberg Beach

robberg-beach The white sandy beaches stretch forever and go for kilometres across the shoreline. It’s also famous for dolphin and whale watching as well. The waves are very calm and inviting, so you should definitely enjoy swimming or water sports here.

It’s a bit secluded, so you won’t encounter any crowds here. But that also means you’ll have a limited number of options when it comes to accommodations. So stay at a nearby city instead, and make this more of a day trip.

Kings Beach

port-elizabeth Located in the Port Elizabeth, it fringes Algoa Bay at the western end of the Sunshine Coast. It offers lots of places for sunbathing, and surfing. The marine life is also a sight to be seen, with dolphins and whales regularly seen in this area.

The waves in Kings are friendly enough so you can swim and snorkel as much as you want. Be mindful of strong currents, and stay near the shoreline if you’re not a strong swimmer.

Muizenberg Beach

muizenberg Easy to access, Muizenberg beach is located in the capital city of Cape Town. You might already be familiar with its trademark multi-colored Victorian bathing cabins. It’s a surfing hot spot that’s suitable for both experienced and newbies as well.

You can even rent a surfboard and ask for a lesson here. The waves near the shore are gentle and are among the safest in the peninsule. There’s also a waterpark that’s popular for children to visit.

The Golden Mile

golden-mile This beach is located in Durban, which is famous for beaches and promenades. The stretch from the Blue Lagoon to the uShaka Marine World is known as the Golden Mile. uShaka is more suitable for those visiting with their family, with calm waves and local artists nearby. If you’re a surfer, you should try the Dairy Beach that has stronger waves.

There’s also Bay of Plenty beach, packed with sunbathers and beach sport enthusiasts. When you have enough fun in the sand, you should head further north to Blue Lagoon Beach where you can find playgrounds and food stalls. Overall, this area can cater to everyone. It’s no wonder this place is so popular.

Boulders Beach

boulders-beach Another popular spot in the capital city of Cape Town, Boulders beach is the go-to place for bird watching. It has a picturesque area, with huge boulders dividing small, sandy covers, and home to around 3000 cute African penguins.

You can stroll along the boardwalk that runs from Boulders Visitor Centre to Boulders Beach, where you can go down and greet the penguins. Just don’t try to pet them, penguins have sharp beaks and you really need to be careful around them.

Jeffrey’s Bay

jeffreys-bay If you’re a surfer, there’s a chance that you’re already familiar with this area. Jeffrey’s Bay is a world’s top surfing destination, thanks to its famous waves. Surfers from all over the world travel here to ride the Supertubes, rated as one of the most perfect waves.

The best time to visit this Bay is June to September, but you can learn to surf here anytime. The beach is beautiful, wide, and largely untouched thanks to its secluded location. It’s also popular for swimming with its calm shore waves, so it’s also suitable for families visiting with kids.


bloubergstrand This beach is famous for the panoramic views of the Table Mountain across the Table Bay. It’s a pleasant beach popular for kite surfers and windsurfers. Go people watching during the weekend to enjoy them zoom by with their colorful sails.

This beautiful beach suits its name perfectly, Blue Mountain Beach. Wait for the sunset to see one of the most beautiful views in this city.


noordhoek Another beach located in the capital city, Noordhoek is popular and favored by surfers and horse riders. Although beautiful, this beach is pretty windy with strong currents, so it’s not suitable for swimmers.

The Hoek has excellent beach breaks and holds big waves. In the middle of the beach there’s a rusted steamship Kakapo that sticks out of the sand, resembling an artistic sculpture. It’s been there since 1900, during its voyage to Sydney from Swansea.

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