7 Best Beaches in Suriname

Suriname is a popular destination for those seeking to enjoy nature. With almost a third of the country being declared national reserve areas, there’s no shortage of vast natural lands and diversity of flora and fauna in it. If you’re willing to go off the beaten tracks and be a little more adventurous? Suriname is one to visit. You can also take a peek at the best beaches in Ecuador.

The white sandy beaches are also no exception. Sometimes it will be next to heavy forest vegetation or has beautiful palm trees lining up. The tropical fish are also ready to welcome you once you go snorkelling or diving. Go ahead and book your trip, and don’t forget to visit these beautiful beaches on our list!

7 Best Beaches in Suriname

Suriname is based in the Caribbean region. Suriname is located between French Guiana and Guyana and shares a border with Brazil. Suriname covers 163,000 square kilometers of land surface. Surinamese has a population of 564,836 people living in the country.

Matapica Beach

matapica Located in the north of Suriname, this beach is an extremely long beach that has dense sand coating in dark beige. It stretches over 45 km long, so there’s plenty of space if you’re after a more secluded spot. It’s not very easy to reach, as you’ll need to hitch a ride on a boat for about an hour across the canal. But once you reach this beach, there’s plenty of nature you can enjoy.

If you’re tired of lounging on the sandy beach, you can turn around and visit the natural reserves and see rare birds and caymans along the way as you ride the canal. It’s one of the most famous beaches in Suriname, and you should definitely put this in your list of places to visit.

Overbridge Beach

Overbridge is a resort only about an hour away from paramaribo. It’s a well developed tourist spot, and you can comfortably drive from Pramaribo on a fully paved road. On the way, keep you eyes peeled for animals like deers, rabbits, and forest pigs as you’ll be cruising along its natural vegetation.

You can find many awesome upscale accommodations here, with private cabanas. Restaurants and activities are also abundant in this place, and you can enjoy lots of watersport on the beach. There’s also the dense tropical forest where you can take a hike and see their rich flora and fauna. If you’re more adventurous, you can try their huts with hammocks and utilize the changing rooms on the grounds.

Anani Strand

Bina Strand is a smaller sized beach on this list. It’s located near Brokopondo and is not that popular yet, so if you want an authentic experience, you might want to visit. This strand is right next to the Suriname river, so it’s often called the river beach.

There’s also lots of fishing boats lining the waters, so you can bet the seafood is the freshest possible and of good quality. It’s also a great spot for sunset watching, under the trees right on the beach. This beach is perfect for those not wanting to get too hot under the sun, because it has lots of vegetation right next to the forest and is much cooler than shoreline.

Galibi Beach

This beach is located in a fishing village that’s known for ecotourism. It’s in the northeastern part of Suriname, along the Marowijne river. If you’re after white sandy beaches, Galibi is the one to visit, with endless pathways and tall palm trees. It’s about 120 km from Paramaribo which is the capital town, and you can reach it using private vehicles. The main attraction is huge turtles over at the Galibi Nature Reserve.

These turtles come over every year and lay their eggs in the sand of Galibi beach. Although it’s a nature reserve, Galibi has little to no infrastructure for tourism, so it’s not very crowded. The waves are bigger thanks to the Atlantic winds, but it’s just the perfect size for those looking to surf.

White Beach

white-beach One of the closest beaches to the capital city of Paramaribo, White Beach is artificially designed for tourists. It has to snow-white sand on the river of Suriname near the estuary. It’s very easy to reach thanks to its locationsaucecece it’s just around 25 km away. It’s the go-to place for weekend getaways for residents to relax and swim.

The sand is white, and is regularly cleaned and renewed as it’s the main tourist spot. Although the water is not that clean, you can always attractioncattractionThe abundanceance of restaurants, water sports, and cafes will keep you entertained throughout the weekend.


braamsprunt This beach is located in a nature reserve, with a fishing village and a military outpost in the Commewijne district of Suriname. It can only be reached using a boat from Paramaribo. The fishing village has a tiny population, so it’s not very crowded with tourists.

braamsprunt It’s another important area for turtles, with leatherback sea turtles and green sea turtles being the most important species to settle in this area. There are also places where you can go dolphin sightings near the coastline.

Ayo Recreatieoord Beach

Ayo beach is a popular beach for local tourist, armed with activities and amenities. This beach has soft beige sand, with palm trees lining up along the coastline. The beach is located in a bay, so the water is calm and the waves are small, so it’s ideal for a family getaway. It’s also packed with watersport activities such as jetskis, kayaks, and boating.

There’s lots of restaurants and cafes here, and hotels and inns are easy to find. So you can relax and enjoy your surrounding without worrying about getting back to the city. At night, you can relax on the beach and watch the stars because most of the houses are by teh shore. It’s the perfect beach for those wanting a short getaway without worrying about all the fuss.

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