7 Best Beaches in Tanzania

Tanzania is an East African country known for a variety of wilderness areas. It’s home to plains of Serengeti National Park, Kilimanjaro National Park, and offshore, you have the tropical islands of Zanzibar, and Mafia that’s a marine park home to whale sharks and coral reefs.

You could take a quick look at the best beaches in Kenya whilst you’re here. Although most visitors come to Tanzania for safari, the beautiful coastline is also worth a visit. Go through our list of best beaches in Tanzania to find out more!

Best Beaches in Tanzania

There are many different Beaches in Tanzania. Beaches are a special place for most people. They have many different Beaches, as you can see in this article.

There is Masai Mara Beaches, Zanzibar Beaches and others too. The Beaches in Tanzania are very well known .The Beaches that are covered in water are mainly close to the Indian Ocean, and also on Lake Victoria there are many Beaches too, which I will tell you about later! Some of the Beaches have been affected by pollution caused by human activities but some of them still remain nice places where you can enjoy your holiday vacation.

Nungwi Beach

nungwi-beach Found at the northern tip of Zanzibar, this beach is one of the island’s most famous stretches of beach. The crystal clear waters is a contrast next to the white sandy shores. The anchored dhows provide a beautiful rustic backdrop for your photos.

Nungwi is quite famous, so you might want to watch when you come here and go for off peak seasons instead. Nungwi is also great for people looking for a bit of nightlife, because the waterfront is lined with bars and restaurants. The accommodations are diverse, and you can pick between backpacker B&B or a five star resort.

Kendwa Beach

kendwa Still in the Zanzibar territory, this place is a lot more low-key and relaxed compared to the previous area. Located on the northwestern tip of the island, Kendwa is a quieter and laid back version of Nungwi. You can walk for a bit to reach this area from Nungwi, so it’s possible to go back and forth between the two beaches.

The beaches are just as beautiful as Nugwi, but the waters off Kendra can get deep quickly so it’s more ideal for swimming during the day. Thanks to its location, the sunsets here are especially beautiful. You can also go snorkelling and watch the beautiful marine life.

Mnemba Island

Mnemba-Island If you’re after exclusivity, you can’t really beat Mnemba island. Located just off Zanzibar’s northeast shore, it’s only accessible to guests of the Mnemba Island Lodge, which is a luxurious five star lodging. The entire island is a breathtaking ivory white beach, studded with patches of causarina pine forest and surrounded by coral reefs.

There’s dive school that offers scuba diving excursion that you must try. There’s also private beach dinners, open air massages and yoga sessions for those looking for more activities.

Saadani National Park

Saadani-National-Park If you want to combine both safari and the beach, Saadani National Park is a must visit. Head about 100 kilometres north of Dar es Salaam to get to Saadani, the only national park in East Africa to border the Indian ocean. You can venture out of the mangrove forests and onto the beach’s golden sands.

After tanning all day at the beach, you might want to spare some time searching for an impressive array of animals, such as lions, elephants, giraffes and buffalo. There’s also cruises that you can book for sightings of hippos, crocodiles, and aquatic birds.

Sange Beach

Sange beach is located near the Saadani National Park, and is more off the beaten track type of destination that’s not for everyone. People who prefer quiet full moon parties and backpacker bars would definitely love this area, though. It has silver sand, lined with coconut palms swaying in the background.

You can book a stay in their beach resort, and choose either a private beach bungalow or rooms that offer large verandas with daybeds overlooking the ocean. You can go for several activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving, or walking about the historical places.

Ras Kutani Beach

Located in the mainland just 25 kilometres from Dar es Salaam is the beach town Ras Kutani. This beautiful tranquil spot offers white sand, safe swimming with soft waves, and even a shipwreck for snorkelling enthusiasts! You can stay in their individual cottages, with hammocks strung across your verandas right above the turquoise blue waters.

The seafood here is also to die for, and you should try dining in the beachfront restaurant. If that’s not enticing enough for you, you can also go kayaking, fishing and go on turtle nesting tours.

Fanjove Island

fanjove If you’re after seclusion, you can travel even further south to the private Fanjove Island. The accommodation is only about six rustic beach bandas with upstairs balconies that give you endless views of the surrounding ocean.

It’s more of an eco-friendly stay, with locally sourced materials and solar power, so don’t expect wifi and TV. Spend your days staring at the calm blue waters, and enjoy the occasional visits from pods of dolphins. Although you might be reluctant to let go of your creature comforts, once you get here you might not want to leave.

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