12 Best Beaches in Venezuela

Located on the northern coast of South America, this beautiful country is packed full of diverse natural attractions. Its Caribbean coast is lined with tropical resort islands and white sandy beaches. Also, take a look at the best beaches in Bolivia.

Tourism in Venezuela has been developed for decades due to its rich tourist attractions so you can bet you won’t be running out of options when you visit Venezuela. Read on to find out top 12 beaches to visit when you’re in this tropical country!

Best Beaches in Venezuela

Venezuela has some of the largest proven oil reserves in the world. Venezuela’s economy is very heavily dependent on its petroleum exports, which account for more than 90% of Venezuela’s total export earnings and half of its federal budget revenues. But of course, it has some amazing landscape too.

Coche Beach

coche-beach A little known beach, this is where you want to go when you want to forget it all and enjoy a tropical holiday away from crowded tourist-packed places. It’s an ideal place for sun seekers, as the sparsely vegetated region lets you soak in the sunlight as much as possible. There’s also fun wildlife with donkeys, horses, and pelicans running around the beaches. Definitely one to bring the family to!

Cayo de Agua

cayao-de-agua If you have an extra day and want to go to somewhere off the beaten tracks, you could try going to Cayo de Agua. It’s a slim beach, meaning it’s not very wide from shore to waters. But the sand stretches for quite a long way so you’ll never feel too crowded in this place. Because it’s not as developed, you might find it hard to find amenities though, there’s no shops or hotels nearby. It’s ideal for a day trip and for people who wants to get away from the city.

Playa el Yaque

el-yaque Located in Margarita Island, this beach is a well developed area that’s popular and has great reputation among tourists. If you’re looking to splurge a little on your holiday, this beach is where you want to go. Filled with high quality hotels, restaurants, shops and private villas to rent, this strategic beach also offer lots of watersport activities to choose from. You can choose from surfing, kite surfing and swimming.


Madrisqui A popular destination to bring your family to. Madrisqui is a little bit more developed, so you can get your beach fix and creature comforts too. It’s said that Madrisqui has the softest, whitest sands you’ll ever see in your life that they get mistaken for sugar. The shore is a beautiful contrast with the turquoise blue waters.

The waves are gentle and shallow, so it’s kid-friendly. It’s also close to bars and cafes that you can go to later in the day. You can spend your whole day in Madrisqui and not miss anything.

Noronky Beach

noronky A small, private beach that is not yet that popular. If you want to avoid the crowds, this beach is your perfect choice. Although it’s a little bit far from the cities, the beautiful virgin beach and tropical fish are worth the effort. Bring your own amenities and food, because it does have limited options.

Cayo Sombrero

Cayo-Sombrero The perfect place to stage an instagram photos, this beach is located near the Morrocoy National Park. It has two wide beaches lined with palm trees that grow over the sea. You can even camp here at night! There’s lots of amenities here, with restaurants and regional seafood lined up on the beach.

Playa Parguito

Playa-Parguito Another beach located in Isla Margarita. This beach has over 1km length of beach that’s wide and less crowded. It’s a popular spot for surfers, because of its bigger waves. Bring your own food and drinks, as there’s not a lot of restaurants here. If you’re seeking for a relaxing quite time, or if you’re a surfer, this place is one not to miss.

Cayo Muerto

cayo-muerto Another popular destination and a part of Morrocoy National Marine Park, this place has beautiful landscapes with vegetation near the beach which makes it a lot cooler in temperature than other beaches. The crystal clear and calm waters are perfect for family and children to swim in. This is a more touristy place, so you might want to visit during off season to avoid the crowd.

Cayo Pirata

Cayo-pirata A small beach located not to far away from Madrisqui. If you happen to be in Madrisqui, then you should definitely stop by this beach. It’s much less crowded and private, with clear waters and soft sands. What’s even more famous is their seafood, try their lobster and you won’t regret your little detour here.

Mochima National Park

manare-beach Located in the mainland Venezuela, Mochima National Parks has both sea and land attractions. It’s surrounded by beautiful white beaches and blue waters, but also have heavy vegetation full of forests, hills and wildlife. The list of activities is endless here: go for a hike, snorkelling, diving, swimming, or even scuba diving. Thanks to its popularity, it’s a developed place so you won’t miss any creature comforts here.

Isla el Faro

This beach is located inside a cove, making the golden beach a great place to relax and unwind. The waves are friendly and low, so it’s perfect for a dip or a swim. It’s also a small pier with lots of colorful boats and of course, seafood. You can get the freshest seafood from local restaurants here.

Cayo Carenero

carenero This island is lined with beaches all over its peripheral that you can enjoy without distraction or crowds. Go to its southern coast to find perfect shallow wagons – and you can swim and float to your heart’s content! It’s a popular spot to go snorkelling across the seabeds with beautiful tropical fish swimming about. It’s a secluded island, so you will need to book a boat to visit it.

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