Iraq Tidal Locations

We have a total of 6 tide stations across 4 regions in Iraq.

You can choose a state, region, or county below, or use the table which contains the full list of tidal stations in Iraq.

Complete list of 6 tide stations in Iraq

Station State Latitude Longitude
Al Arabiyah Diyala 27.7833 50.1833
Al Basrah (Al Bakr) Terminal Persian Gulf 29.6833 48.799999
Al Farisiyah Nineveh 28 50.166698
Al Fāw Basra Governorate 29.97421 48.47309
Khowr-e Musa Approaches Persian Gulf 29.700001 49.400002
Shatt al-Arab Outer Bar Persian Gulf 29.8333 48.716702