Best Beaches in Bali

High on top of the list of everyone’s must visit destination is Bali, an island located in the Southeast Asian country, Indonesia. An archipelago, Indonesia is packed full of insanely wonderful islands. Bali is the most visited by foreign tourists, thanks to its unique culture, friendly natives and versatile beaches. From the hedonist Seminyak to the laid back Amed, Bali certainly deserves its reputation.

Best Beaches in Bali

  1. Seminyak Enjoying the sunset with a drink on hand is something we all want to do, and Seminyak can provide you with both. This golden sand beach stretches out to 5 km, and with beach bars aplenty, you won’t be running out of activities when you’re in Seminyak. There are also some of the best hotels and beach clubs you can enjoy with your friends. All the way from Kuta to Canggu, this place is where you can learn to surf, soak up the sunshine and relax with a bottle of Bintang beer all at once.
  2. Nusa Dua If Seminyak is more for the party goers, Nusa Dua is fit for people who want to have a low key type of holiday, suitable for older couples and people with families. Nusa Dua beach serves you an endless stretch of powder white sandy shore, manicured lawns and five star hotels. The waves are calm and gentle, suitable for your kids to run around in. It’s also filled with family style restaurants, water sports activities and shopping malls. This place is definitely for those wanting creature comforts with tropical backdrop.
  3. Echo Beach This is the go-to beach if you’re a surfer, with cool bars lining up the shore and located in the hip area of Canggu. The sand is unique and black, and you can always enjoy a day of people watching here – it’s a lively community of sun kissed surfers and sunbathers. If you’re more into alternative places with cool shabby bars and beautiful people, Echo beach is one to attend.
  4. Jimbaran Beach Not far away from Nusa Dua, Jimbaran gives you a massive span of sand, with beautiful scenery. It’s one of the best spots for watching the sunset, and that’s why you should definitely come here to enjoy your early dinner with the freshest seafood. Their beachfront barbeques are to die for, especially the clams. It’s also a popular spot for those seeking romantic dinner.
  5. Thomas Beach Located near Uluwatu, Thomas beach was previously a hidden area only known to those familiar with the territory. It’s still one of the quietest beaches in Bali, so you should enjoy it before it gets as crowded as the others. Getting there is a bit of a challenge, and you must go through a gravel lane then climb down a few sets of crumbling stairs. But once

you reach the bottom, you’ll see a secluded white sand beach that’s well worth it. The turquoise water, dramatic boulders and green trees are a postcard perfection.

  1. Sanur Beach Sanur beach is a beach you’ll want to go to when you need a little bit of rest and relax. Sanur has an endless stretch of white sandy beach, with a promenade that extends over 5 km long. All along the promenade, you’ll find beachfront cafes, fishing boats, and elegant old villas. If Jimbaran is well known for its sunset views, Sanur is famous for its sunrise views. So get up early, get your flip-flops and head to Sanur for an amazing start of the day.
  2. Amed Beach Amed is located a little bit far from the main city of Denpasar, so you’ll need to either rent a car or ride a bus to get here. But its black sands and soaring volcanoes will be well worth the journey. Amed is well known for the dramatic landscapes, black sands, and some of the most vibrant reefs in all of Bali. You should really go for a little bit of snorkeling or diving when you’re here, and head to Tulamben to check out the US Liberty Shipwreck where you’ll find beautiful aquatic life. The water is friendly and calm, so you won’t need to be an expert swimmer here.
  3. Bingin Beach For the boho crowd wanting a bit of hippie touch, Bingin beach is here for you. The surfers love Bingin for its waves and seclusion, as well as its healthy cafes that offer some of the most “Bali” dishes you can find – smoothie inside a coconut! There are also dozens of affordable beach stays on the cliffside, which makes it easier for you to watch the sunrise in the morning. Be warned though, the terrain to get here is a little challenging – rocky steps from on top of the cliffs. Take off your sandals, climb down and enjoy your boho holiday.
  4. Medewi Located on the Bali sunset coast, Medewi is still less known compared to other surfing beaches. It’s on the west side of the island, with remote villages, wide open rice paddies and palm studded coastline is Bali at its best – giving you a glimpse before it was crowded by tourists. The waves are great for surfing, and the golden hour is to die for.

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