Best Beaches in Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda is well known as being a great getaway if you’re looking to take a holiday. The two islands, and the several smaller ones which make up the country, are home to some of the best beaches around, and are in competition with the Bahamian beaches as the best in the Caribbean.

There are some many beaches here that it can be difficult to know which ones to visit. So, if you’re trying to decide where to go, here are some of the top options on both Antigua and Barbuda, and some of the surrounding islands too.

Best Beaches in Antigua & Barbuda

The Beaches in Antigua & Barbuda are amongst the most beautiful in the world. The Beaches are of great national importance for Beaches in Antigua & Barbuda, not only Beaches in Antigua & Barbuda’s tourism industry but Beaches in Antigua & Barbuda’s Tourism Development is greatly assisted by Beaches.

Dickenson Bay

One of the most well known beaches on Antigua, Dickensons Bay isn’t far from the capital Saint Johns, being only a 10 minute taxi ride away from the center. Although it can get a little busy here, it always maintains a calm and relaxed environment.

The reason it’s so popular is likely due to being what most people are looking for when they come to Antigua – calm waters are combined with soft sand, and the beach is always clean down to the help of the local folk (who are amongst the friendliest people you’ll meet!).

There are quite a lot of different activities to do on the beach itself, which makes it a popular place to come with children. But for some, they’ll just enjoy taking a quick dip in the ocean and relaxing in the Sun for the rest of the day.

Darkwood Beach

Another one of the most beautiful beaches in Antigua, and probably the world, Darkwood beach is down at the South West of the island. This is a must visit if you’re going to Antigua, and it offers a great area for swimming.

It’s around a 10 mile journey from St John’s, but it’s worth the travel. The talcum sand blends in beautifully with the blue sea, and many people choose to come to this beach to catch the evening sunset too. There’s also an inflated water park located here as well, which can make for some fun activities if you bring the kids with you.

The restaurant on Darkwood beach is also top class, and unlike many other places on the island, it’s relatively well priced too. For those planning to go to Antigua, make sure that you don’t miss out on Darkwood beach.

Fort James beach

fort-james-beach Another option which is very close to the capital St John’s is Fort James beach. This is pretty popular with both locals and tourists, with many of them coming here in the evenings to view the beautiful sunset.

Whilst it’s not permanently busy, it will likely have a lot of people there during the weekends and on major holidays. There are a lot of different restaurants and bars to choose from along the beachfront here, and there are lots of facilities if you want to grab a shower after your swim.

Because the beach itself is so close to the roadside, there’s no grand escapade to try and find the warm sands of Fort James. There’s literally a few palm trees between the road and the beach itself.

Many people don’t even come here for a swim, as it’s a great place to kick back and look at the scenery. You’ll be able to spot the ships coming in and out of the bay here and like I mentioned, the sunset here is one of the best on the island.

If you’re looking for something in Antigua to spend a whole day doing pretty much nothing, then there aren’t many better choices than Fort James.

Half Moon bay

half-moon-bay Over to the other side of Antigua now, and one of the most desired locations down at the South-east of the island is Half Moon Bay. This beach is home to one of the best hotels on the island, and it’s no surprise that they put a resort here when you consider how beautiful the beach is.

The crescent, or moon shape of the bay helps to sheltered it from any winds, so the water is typically calm and the peaceful. This bay is also pretty fantastic for snorkelling too, and you should be able to find some interesting fish and other sea animals here.

Although the hotel is on the front, it’s not a private beach and anyone can use it (not many people are aware of this!). One reason why people don’t tend to come here is that it’s a little far from most other areas on the island, so it can seem like too much traveling to get here. But, if you put the effort in, then you’ll be rewarded with a relaxing beach that’s one of the top options on the island.

Pigeon Beach

pigeon-beach Right at the southside of the island, you’ll eventually come to Pigeon beach, or Pigeon point beach. Many boats tend to end up anchoring here, but this is only a small section of the beach – the rest of it is free to be explored.

Here, you’ll swim with fish, stingrays and sometimes even turtles depending on the time of year. There are two different places to grab a bite to eat or a drink to come onto the beach with (Catherine’s and Bumpkins), and if you come during the busier season then there will also be places to get a nice massage too.

If you need some shade, then you can easily find some amongst the trees that line the beach. This makes a great option to visit whether you’re alone, or you want to come here with the family.


All in all, it’s no secret that Antigua and Barbuda is one of the best places to come to in the Caribbean if you’re looking for sandy beaches and relaxing vibes. Whilst the city of St John’s offers a variety of different activities for you to get involved in, many people come here to get away from everything. And if you’re looking for secluded beaches with little interruption, then you’ll be able to find them here in Antigua & Barbuda.

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