Best Beaches in Greece

Blue sky, white sand, and beautiful architecture – Greece is well known as a beach lovers’ number one bucket list location. Lined by crystalline waters of the Ionian and Aegean Sea, Greece provides calm waters, surfing spots, busy beaches to secluded coves. From the hundreds of beaches in Greece, here are some of the best we’d like to share with you.

Best Beaches in Greece

  1. Navagio Beach A favorite among our list, Navagio is located on the island of Zakynthos. The beach is framed by vertical cliffs, and has azure waters, clean sands and a shipwreck. It’s a crowded beach well known to tourists, so you might want to aim to come during low seasons here. Navagio is in a secluded cove, reachable by boats – so you’ll definitely want to bring your own amenities here. The water is as clear as glass, and very calm, so it’s suitable for a swim or a relaxing dip.
  2. Voidokilia Beach If Navagio is located on a cliff, Voidokilia is less extreme with low rising green hills. The beach is beautifully crescent with the sea surrounding it. Go and follow the signs to Paleokastro and walk to the lagoon side track called Nestor’s Cave and find a secluded white beach that’s practically untouched. Although the water gets pretty deep, you can still go for a swim near the shoreline.
  3. Koukounaries Beach This beach has unique electric green pine trees surrounding it on top of its cliffs. The sand stretches to about 1.5 km and is beach blonde, so you’ll get the most beautiful pictures here. There are also some beach bars and sunbeds on the shore for you to enjoy when you’re done with your swim or watersports. Although it’s a protected nature reserve, it’s still very popular and crowded, so you might want to get here earlier than others to get the best spots.
  4. Myrtos Beach Myrtos is one of the most breathtaking beaches in Greece, with Stunning cliffs and a beach that’s straight, bordered by the electric blue waters and offsetted by beach blonde sand. If you’re wondering how the sand gets that white, it’s actually made of small white pebbles; which is why it’s so strikingly white. It’s hard to get to, you need to get through a zig zagging road, but well worth the view. It’s a day-trip type of visit since there’s not much activities around.
  5. Kokkini Beach A unique beach backed by rust-and-fire coloured cliffs, making it one of the most photogenic sites in Greece. You can reach it by a gentle walk from the nearby church or by boat. It’s not really for much activities but for people watching and photo taking; so

you won’t need to spend the whole day here. But make sure you also go to a handful of good restaurants nearby selling fresh local food before you go home.

  1. Elafonisi Beach If you’re into fairy tales, this might be your favorite beach. Kokkini beach boasts a symphony of fine white-pink sand, turquoise water, adn gentle rose dunes. You’ll think you’re inside of a dream when you get here. Off the wide strand you can find the Elafonisi Islet, connected by a thin, sandy pathway – creating a double beach. Get here during off season, because it does get super crowded with people during summer with hundreds of people underneath umbrellas and on their sunbeds.
  2. Seychelles Beach A small stunning beach, Seychelles is located around 3 km east of Mnganitis on the island of Ikaria. This beach has marble pebbles, azure waters and also giant rocks welcoming you like a gate to another world. It’s a little hard to reach, you need to trek from the parking lot by a tunnel to Manganitis, then you need to descend in an unmarked path to the left of the ravine. Make sure you’re wearing suitable footwear here, flip flops won’t stand a chance.
  3. Plaka Beach Located in Naxos, Plaka is a vast beach with very calm waters coloured turquoise blue and the sand is soft and golden. It’s one of the cleanest beaches you’ll ever see in your life; there’s no obstructions between the sand and the water. There are other wonderful beaches near Plaka as well, such as Agia Anna, Agios Prokopios, and Pyrgaki. So you’ll never fell crowded when you’re here and it will feel like you have the beach all to yourself. There are many different levels of accommodations here from luxury stays to budget hotels, so it’s definitely for everyone.
  4. Platys Gialos Platys is a low key beach, and one of the most beautiful ones in Mykonos. This beach becomes romantic and trendy at night, with shore side attractions. During the day, you’ll see beach chairs lining up the shoreline and the calm waters going into the golden soft sands. Platys is also packed with luxury accomodations, although it’s not really budget friendly but the perks are amazing.

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