Best Beaches in El Salvador

El Salvador is a country in Central America, bordered by Hondural, Guatemala and the Pacific Ocean. El Salvador is filled with natural wonders such as active volcanoes, green hills and lots of national parks. You might have heard about beaches in Mexico, but El Salvador is another contender with many beautiful beaches of their own. Here are our list of best beaches in El Salvador.

Best Beaches in El Salvador

  1. El Tunco This beach is one of the beaches with dark sand in the La Libertad region. El Tunco is actually named after the rocky protrusion it has out at sea. Thanks to its environment, you can even visit the rocky caves lining the shore during low tide. If you’re a surfer, this is one that you need to visit. It has strong, intense breaks that’s perfect for experts. But be mindful for novice surfers, due to the terrain and breaks this one might be unsuitable for you. If you’re done with surfing, you can visit the beach town nearby which has smoothie shops, swimsuit stores and more. This beach is also the best place to watch the sunset, and it has outdoor bars complete with live music.

  2. El Cuco Located at the southern tip of the country, this beach is in the quintessential El Savadorian beach town. Similar to El Tunco, it has soft, dark sands with formidable waves. But El Cuco has friendlier tides and you can still swim or take a dip in this beach as long as you stick near the shore. The beach is also equipped with vendor huts and seafood restaurants, so there’s something to look forward to after your day out in the sun. It faces the Gulf of Fonseca, which is shared by Nicaragua and Honduras.

  3. Playa El Sunzal Located near several other beaches mentioned on this list, Playa El Sunzal is a unique beach offering many activities. Thanks to its location, Playa El Sunzal has different breaks – from rough to mild – depending on where you come in from. The sand is soft and black, ideal for novice surfers. There’s also small shacks and restaurants on the shore for you to visit when you’re done playing in the water. If you’re a novice surfer, ask some locals which area is best for you.

  4. Playa Los Cobanos A picturesque stretch of golden sand, and fringed with palm trees that’s perfect for relaxation. This beach is also home to the most colourful reefs, protected by the government, so it’s definitely a hot spot for those seeking to do some snorkeling or diving. You can expect to encounter sea snails, sea urchins, and a school of colourful tropical fish. A must visit for nature lover.

  5. Playa Costa Del Sol For those looking for a more luxurious or relaxing experience, Costa Del Sol might be the one for you. Costa del Sol has a long, straight, strip of beige sand lined with oceanfront villas, vacation rentals and upscale beach homes. The waves are calm, and the sunsets are one of the most beautiful you’ve ever seen. If Costa del Sol is packed, you can always pivot and visit nearby beaches such as San Marcelino and Los Blancos.

  6. La Libertad Located in the El Puerto de la Libertad region, La Libertad is a wonderful beach that’s well known in the surfer community. The best is the La Punta break, which is world renowned by surfers everywhere. If you’re after big wave surfing, you should come in May or October or the wet season that can give you up to 100 foot waves. However, if you’re just after a relaxing session or a novice surfer, aim to go during the dry season where the waves are smaller and more consistent. This beach is also a celebrated culinary destination for seafood lovers and has a yearly Gastronomic Festival.

  7. Playa El Zonte Another dark sand beach near La Libertad that’s often visited by travelers. Mostly the visitors are international surfers, looking for a more challenging and secluded place. Thanks to its rocky environment and bigger waves, Playa El Zonte is a favorite among advanced surfers. They also love this beach because the waves are much less crowded. The red, rocky cliff in the background is also a beautiful sight to behold especially during sunsets.

  8. Playa El Majahual If you’re after a famous, well known beach or to socialize with other travelers, Playa El Majahual provides vast sand, and big crowds. This beach is on top of El Salvador’s backpacker destination, and although it’s not the cleanest beach there’s a lot of activities in and around the water. Playa El Majahual is also one of the most visited beaches in El Salvador and it’s highly developed. So, you can always rely on its amenities such as beach shops, restaurants, and water sport activities.

  9. Playa San Diego Not all of us are seeking crowds, extreme sports or big waves. Some might want to relax on a beach that’s not crowded or overly touristy. If you’re ready to chill and leave the crowd behind, head over south of La Libertad and visit Playa San Diego. It’s a very low key beach with the prettiest white sand beaches and gentle waves that’s suitable for swimming or just floating around in the sea. The beach is also surrounded by palm trees

around its shoreline, so you can always take a break in the shades. Bring your own food and drinks, as there’s not much options here.

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