5 Best Beaches in Bolivia

The landlocked South American country of Bolivia may be one of the last things on your mind when you think of beautiful beaches. Not to worry, Bolivia is also home to many lakes, so it still offers many different fresh water beaches to visit. Also, check out the best beaches in Brazil. There’s also national parks surrounding its water bodies, so there won’t be any shortage of views here!

5 Best Beaches in Bolivia

Bolivia is one of the largest countries in South America (map) Bolivia is located east of Peru and north of Chile, between latitudes 1° and 18°S, and longitudes 68° and 97°W ( fig. ) Bolivia is bordered by Brazil to the northeast, Paraguay and Argentina to the south and southeast respectively, Chile to the west, and Peru to the northwest.

City of Copacabana

City-of-Copacabana When you think of Copacabana, the famous beach in Brazil probably comes to mind. But Bolivia actually has its own Copacabana! The word means “the view of the lake” in its native language, and this town is surely filled with beautiful views of the expansive lake Titicaca. It’s a quaint, beautiful city, with a number of luxury resorts and modest inns that you can choose from. There’s also excellent food here, so make sure you go to one of their local restaurants to enjoy it.


challapampa This is a small town in the island of Isla del Sol at the heart of Lake Titicaca. It boasts beautiful beaches with nice clear turquoise water, you’ll feel like you’re by the ocean. One of the best attractions is Roca Sagrada, where the Incas perform sacrifices. You can enjoy breathtaking views that’s filled with magical energies.

All you need to do is take a breezy 2 hour hike, and you can enjoy the views of water from the hill. There’s also Museo del Oro, or the museum of gold where you can enjoy a collection of artefacts found underwater in the city of Marka Ampathe. This would be a surreal experience, where you can enjoy the beaches and snow capped mountains in the background. The accommodations here are humble but very comfortable, with private inns and hostels on offer.

Concepcion Lake

Another wonderful lake located in Bolivia, Concepcion lake is also a rich natural habitat filled with wonderful wildlife and has been designated as a world heritage site since the year 2002. Concepcion Lake has an elevation of about 250 meters, so it will be a little cold compared to your usual beaches.

One of the places to visit here is the Laguna Concepcion, or the lagoon, where you can lounge on the shore and enjoy the soft waves. Make sure you also enjoy the local cuisine here. There’s lots of humble inns to choose from in Chiquitos Province.

Madidi National Park

madidi This national park is home to the most amazing flora and fauna. The Amazon river passes through here, and you can enjoy its riverside views or even go on a boat-ride cruising through. If you’re tired of the riverside, you can always go on a hike through the rainforest and enjoy the sights of glacier covered peaks of the Andes Mountains.

There’s also the smaller Tuichi River that’s also home to the most diverse collection of fauna. You can book your accommodations in sustainable ecolodge around the Madidi National Park, such as Chalalan Ecolodge. Since it’s a protected area, make sure you pay attention to your surroundings and never disturb the natural habitat here.

Tumichucua Lake

Tumichucua is another lake located in the northeast corner of Bolivia. Tumi Chucua means Isle of Palms in Tacana language, and was famously chosen as the site for an environmental research. It’s dubbed to be one of the most wonderful places on earth, with calm waters and heavy vegetation surrounding its area.

Be mindful that it might only be available for day trips, and you can stay nearby in the mainland instead. It’s one of the most secluded spots in Bolivia, and is one of the go-to places to visit if you’re into indigenous cultures and nature walks.

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