Best Beaches in Belize

When thinking about places to go in central America, there aren’t many better options than Belize. Aside from the wild cats that can be found in the jungles of Belize, it’s also home to some pretty amazing beaches too. There are so many beaches here that it can prove hard to know which is best.

You can also take a quick look at the best beaches in Honduras. So, we’re going to look at some of the nicer options you have when visiting Belize.

Best Beaches in Belize

Beaches in Belize are some of the best in the world with miles of white sand, turquoise waters and swaying palms. Those looking for the Best Beaches in Belize will find them from Placencia Village to Hopkins to Stann Creek Town and all the villages in between.

Paradise beach, Placencia

Many of the best beaches of Belize are located just to the East of the mainland. And one of the very best is Paradise beach, which you’ll find located on Placencia. This is a beach resorts that quite far south in the country, so the best way to get their is typically by flying from Belize City. However, you can get here by other means of transport too.

Just along from the Placencia pier you’ll come to this beach, which is pretty popular area to stay. You have the Paradise hotel right on the beach front, which is a common choice amongst tourists and offers really reasonable prices, considering you’re staying just off the beach.

This is right at the Southern end of Placencia, though it isn’t too big so you should get a chance to explore the whole area. The soft sandy beach is bordered by turquoise seas and is beautiful to look at, especially if you can wake up early and watch the sunset. This is a great place to come to if you’re going to visit Belize.

Secret beach, Ambergris Caye

Ambergris-Caye Now, Belize has many other beaches worth visiting. This one is located on the more popular island of Ambergris Caye, which is located to the North East of Belize, and a little closer to Belize City than Placencia is. Many people who come to visit this island end up coming back again in the future, and who can blame them? It offers some of the best beaches Belize has to offer.

The irony is that even though it’s called Secret beach, everyone on the island will recommend that you come here to visit. It’s one of the most spectacular beaches here, and it has a lot to offer. If you want to get here, then it’s around 8 miles from San Pedro Town.

This has been one of the increasingly busiest areas of Belize in recent years, as it’s one of the most photogenic places in the entire country. However, most shops and restaurants are on the East side of the island, which means that it’s not as busy as some Eastern beaches.

What can you do here? well, a decade ago you might not have found any bars here, however nowadays there are more and more bars and restaurants here, including a great grill place if you want to grab something to eat. You should also try the pedal boats out too if they take your fancy. This is an unmissable place to visit if you’re coming to Ambergris Caye, and understandably so.

Hopkins Bay

Heading down to the South East of the mainland of Belize, you’ll find Hopkins. This place is one of the nicest coastal villages in Central America, and if you’re looking for an authentic beach town that’s filled with friendly locals, then you can’t find any better.

Heading to the beach here is a must, and there are different resorts that you can choose from if you want to stay on the beach front. The water is cool, and it’s an ideal place to go if you’re looking for a good group vacation.

As well as heading to the beach here, you should probably also head inland to Bocawina National Park. This is one of the best hikes you’ll find in this part of the country, and you’ll come across some amazing waterfalls here. It’s around a 25 minute drive from Hopkins to get here, but it’s definitely worth going. So if you’re not sure whether you can lie around on the beach for 3 weeks straight and think you might fancy a hike or two, Hopkins is one of the best places to be.

Caye Caulker

Caye Caulker is one of the things that Belize is best known for. This small Caribbean island is the epitome of what most of us think of when thinking about the Caribbean. Beautiful turquoise sea surrounds the island which is quite small, and can be explored in an hour or two.

If you’re looking for somewhere to party, then Caye Caulker isn’t it. it’s not that kind of place – it’s much more of a “wake up in the afternoon, go for a swim and do nothing all day” kind of vibe. So for those looking to take a real break from work and life, then considering Caye Caulker is a must.

It’s also very easy to catch a ferry to Caye Caulker, so you don’t even need to stay overnight if you don’t want to. It’s less than an hour away from Belize City, so it’s definitely worth adding it to your to-see list if you’re in Belize.

Turneffe Atoll



In conclusion, there are many different areas in Belize that you’ll want to visit. Whilst a lot of people like going island hopping and seeing all the different beaches the country has to offer, you could also choose to stay on the mainland too. There are a lot of national parks and nature reserves here, which could allow you to have a holiday that makes the best of both worlds. But overall, Belize is definitely becoming a more popular destination to visit.

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