Best Beaches in Bermuda

If you’re looking for a blend of British and American culture all bundled up onto a small island in the Atlantic ocean, then Bermuda is going to be the right place for you. But where in Bermuda should you go to if you’re trying to find the best beaches on the island? Well, we’re going to take a look at some tourist spots, as well as some that the locals themselves recommend.

Best Beaches in Bermuda

There is a lot of interesting things to do on the beaches like surfing, swimming, scuba diving and snorkeling. The beaches are very popular with tourists, which like the beaches in Antigua and Barbuda are too.

As you can see there are many different types of beaches that you can go to in Bermuda. Each type has its own characteristics some might be sandy or rocky maybe small or large but each beach offers certain activities whether it is just relaxing by the water or swimming around seeing fish and other sea creatures perhaps even watching a boat pull into shore at sunset.

Horseshoe Bay beach

horseshoe-bay-beach Undoubtedly the most well known of all the beaches in Bermuda, Horseshoe bay beach is often people’s first stop when they arrive on the island. And rightly so – it’s one of the best beaches on Bermuda.

Even though this is the most well known beach on the island, and even though it’s usually really busy, it’s a long beach, and there’s enough space for everyone. If you want to beat the crowds, getting your swim in between 9am-1pm is a good idea, and the beach fills yp in the afternoon.

As you can see, it’s most famously known for it’s pink sand, being one of the only ones in the world with this unique color (but not the only one on Bermuda!). The beach itself is clean and rock-free, so you don’t need to worry about stepping on anything and hurting your feet.

Much of what makes a great beach is in it’s inhabitants, and as you’d expect on Bermuda, everyone is there to enjoy themselves. Both residents and tourists visit this beach frequently, and the areas itself has some great vibes.

Actually, a good tip is that if you want to avoid the crowds, then you can follow the coast North a little bit onto the Butts beach and Middle beach. These beaches are a little less busy than the main area, and are a good place to go if you want a more secluded area. But overall, Horseshoe Bay is said to be one of the world’s top beaches, and one of the better ones on Bermuda.

Elbow Beach

elbow-beach If you carry on a little further up the South Coast of Bermuda, you’ll then come to Elbow beach. Though it’s typically not quite as busy as Horseshoe bay, it’s still very well known and highly regarded. Many hotels use part of this beach privately, so you’ll need to find an area which isn’t privately owned.

Like all beaches on Bermuda, it’s extremely well looked after – the beaches on Bermuda are as well cared for here as anywhere in the world. The locals don’t litter or tolerate anything of the sort on the island, and it’s a communal effort that manages to keep these beaches spotless.

One great thing about this beach is that it’s in such close proximity to the city. So if you get the right accommodation, you can be just a few minutes within both of these. Elbow beach is a long stretch of sand, and it’s quite easy to find a spot here.

The water here is not as calm as in other areas, but it’s not particularly rough either. Whilst you can definitely swim here, the Southside of the island is more predisposed to jellyfish, so make sure to be a little bit careful. However, 99% of the time there’s nothing to worry about as long as you keep your eyes peeled for any stray Man o War approaching!

Long Beach (Coopers Island Nature Reserve)

long-beach-cooper-island At the opposite end of Bermuda to Horseshoe bay, you’ll find Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve. You will need to walk around 400-500m to get here, but it’s worth the trip as the beaches here are much less busy than other areas of Bermuda.

This area has actually only been open for the public to visit for the last decade or so. Before that, it was used as a NASA space tracking station (and still is), as well as being used by the military. The entire island is perfect for those looking to explore new things.

There are four different beaches here to visit, and one of the best ones is definitely Long Beach. For many locals, this is actually their favorite area to come to, as it offers all of the cleanliness and clear water that the main beaches do – just without the large crowd that comes with them.

You’ll often find people birdwatching on this island, which is just one of the activities you can explore when you’re here.

Clearwater Beach (Coopers Island Nature Reserve)

Another one of the beaches on this extension of Bermuda (it’s actually a separate island, but they’re joined together now so access is much easier) is Clearwater beach.

Because it’s pretty close to the airport here, many people don’t think to come to this part of Bermuda at all. However, their loss is definitely your gain, as sometimes you can even find yourself being one of the only people at Clearwater beach.

There isn’t a whole lot here in terms of facilities, but that’s the point of it, right? However, you do have Gombey’s bar which is just off of the beach, and it’s a great place to grab a relaxed drink and a bite to eat.

So if you’re enjoying Bermuda, but would like to get a bit of time away from the main areas, then popping over to Long beach and Clearwater beach might be a nice break.

Tobacco Bay Beach

tobacco-bay-beach Another beach which lies at the opposite end of the island to most of the commotion is Tobacco Bay beach. If you’re looking for a relatively quiet place to relax, then this is definitely it during the off season. However in the summer, this place has some good activites for you to enjoy.

One of the main reasons folks come here is that it’s a great place for you to snorkel. You can bring your own or rent one here, and there’s tons to explore in Tobacco Bay’s lagoon.

Another good thing to mention about this place is that it has a good bar where you can get some food, but the most recommended thing on the menu is Bermuda’s famous Rum Swizzle. So if a cold cocktail and an amazing view sounds like something you’d be interested in, head to Tobacco Bay.


All in all, Bermuda is one of the best destinations in the world if you’re looking for a great beach holiday. It has a great mixture of popular busy beaches like Horseshoe bay, but you can also find peace and quiet on this island quite easily too.

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