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Best Beaches in Bali

High on top of the list of everyone’s must visit destination is Bali, an island located in the Southeast Asian country, Indonesia. An archipelago, Indonesia

Best Beaches in El Salvador

El Salvador is a country in Central America, bordered by Hondural, Guatemala and the Pacific Ocean. El Salvador is filled with natural wonders such as active

Best Beaches in Greece

Blue sky, white sand, and beautiful architecture – Greece is well known as beach lovers’ number one bucket list. Lined by crystalline waters of the Ionian and

Best Beaches in Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda is well known as being a great getaway if you're looking to take a holiday. The two islands, and the several smaller ones which make up

11 Best Beaches in Bangladesh

Bangladesh may not be the go-to nation for beaches yet, but one look at this list and we guarantee you’ll want to add it to your bucket list. With beautiful

Best Beaches in Barbados

The Eastern Caribbean island is well known for it's good food, relaxed atmosphere and as home to some of the best beaches around. Whilst it's actually

Best Beaches in Belize

Beaches in Belize are some of the best in the world with miles of white sand, turquoise waters and swaying palms. Those looking for the Best Beaches in Belize

Best Beaches in Bermuda

If you're looking for a blend of British and American culture all bundled up onto a small island in the Atlantic ocean, then Bermuda is going to be the right

5 Best Beaches in Bolivia

The landlocked South American country of Bolivia may be one of the last things on your mind when you think of beautiful beaches. Not to worry, Bolivia is also

7 Best Beaches in Brazil

Brazil is the largest country in both South America and Latin America. Being one of the most multicultural and ethnically diverse nations, there’s plenty to

Best Beaches in Cambodia

But there's much more to this island than just partying. In fact, Long Beach in Koh Rong is not only considered one of the best beaches in Cambodia, but also

7 Best Beaches in Chile

Chile is a narrow country, stretching across South America’s western edge, with more than 6,000 km of Pacific Ocean coastline. It’s also surrounded by the

6 Best Beaches in Colombia

Colombia, a South American country bordered by the Caribbean Sea, Panama, Ecuador, Peru and the Pacific Ocean. Thanks to its strategic location, Colombia is

Best Beaches in Costa Rica

Although not as popular for Europeans, Costa Rica is one of the favoured holiday destinations for North Americans (although European visitors has increased in

Best Beaches in Crete

Crete is the largest island in Greece, well known for its beachy destinations all over the world. With soft, golden sands and crystal clear waters it’s an

Best Beaches in Cuba

Cuba is known for many different things - it's amazing Rum, it's cocktails, it's cigars. But above all else, it's known for its amazing beaches, some of which

Best Beaches in Devon

For those that are just after a quick getaway for a few nights, this may be the perfect place to visit, with plenty of accommodation and campsites in the area

Best Beaches in the Dominican Republic

One of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean, many Americans and Europeans flock to Dominican shores each year, with their amazing weather and

9 Best Beaches in Ecuador

Located in the idyllic Galapagos Islands, this beach can be classified as one of the best beaches in Ecuador. It’s a short distance from the port of Puerto

7 Best Beaches in Egypt

The beaches in Egypt are very versatile, and offer a number of activities. You don’t just lay under the sun all day, but you can also enjoy nature trekking