7 Best Beaches in Chile

Chile is a narrow country, stretching across South America’s western edge, with more than 6,000 km of Pacific Ocean coastline. It’s also surrounded by the Andes and Chilean Coast Range mountains. This means that it has the best of both worlds – mountains and beaches. Also, take a quick look at the best beaches in Colombia.

There are lots of beautiful beaches in Chile, and most are pretty accessible. You can find those catering to the higher end market or affordable ones. Go ahead and go through our list to decide your next destination!

Best Beaches in Chile

Beaches in Chile are amongst the top beaches that South Americans visit. Beaches in Chile are nestled in the southern region of South America. Beaches in Chile consist of long stretches of warm lush water that is perfect for swimming and other water sports during the summer season.

Beaches in Chile have a bit of an exotic touch to it as well since they are surrounded by flowers, palm trees, and tropical fruit plants like bananas and oranges. Beaches in Chile has a diverse collection of beaches including rocky beaches, sandy beachfronts, pebble coastlines, or ones with boulders scattered across them.

Pan de Azucar National Park

pan-de-azucar Placing first on our list is this beautiful protected National Park. Boasting over 100,000 acres of the beach area, you won’t ever feel crowded or have difficulty finding a spot lounging around this place. This park is home to some of the rarest wildlife, like llamas, foxes, otters and pelicans. You can see them running around while staying at the four campsites provided by the authorities.

Due to being a national park, you won’t see many amenities as there’s no commercial hotels or restaurants. But the campsites are pretty adequate, and nothing beats sleeping under the stars while hearing the waves hit the impeccable white sandy beach. You can also take a boat trip from the fishing village of La Caleta around the Isla Pan de Azucar and pay a visit to the Humboldt penguins.

It’s one of those places where time seems to stand still as you watch the scenery and forget your daily life. Plan a whole weekend and stay here for at least two days, because there’s no way you can leave it after witnessing its beauty.

Bahia Inglesa

Bahia-Inglesa This beach is rich in history. The name Bahia Inglesa is taken from the 17th century British pirates who chose to shelter here at the time. Completely different from Isla Pan de Azucar, this beach is surrounded by the bone dry and desolate Atacama desert. So the beach serves as a highlight in a desolate land, not unlike a sci-fi movie.

The long stretch of white sands and warm waters are also the features that draw more and more people to this place. If you’re done with sightseeing, there are also some activities here that you can enjoy, such as kitesurfing and kayaking. It’s an ideal beach for an afternoon away. Just don’t forget to bring your sunscreen, because you won’t have a shortage of sunshine here!

Vina del Mar

Vina del Mar This is where the high society of Santiaguinos come to enjoy their holiday. It has upscale beach resorts lining up its shorelines, protected from wind and strong currents by rocky headlands. The beaches are very calm and the tides are low, so it’s ideal for families.

Boutiques and cafes are abundant in this area, so those looking to enjoy a more comfortable stay should definitely pick this one! If you can, you should visit Vina del Mar in February, which is when it holds the city’s International Song Festival.

Playa Anakena

Playa-Anakena If you want to visit the ruins of Easter Island, then you won’t want to miss visiting Playa Anakena. It’s on an island off the coast in Easter island, the island is also famously known for its history. The tropical oasis is something you can enjoy all to yourself, with a white sand beach and clear water that’s best suitable for swimming, snorkelling or diving.

Similar to Easter island, you can also see the island’s unique statues that’s carved by Rapa Nui. You can also go around and visit historical places here. Stay the night at one of the hotels on Easter Island and visit during the daytime to enjoy a whole afternoon of private beach.


Zapallar Zapallar is for those wanting to enjoy the white sand beaches but also not willing to give up on your typical creature comforts. The picturesque port city features several luxury resorts to choose from, there’s also upscale restaurants that sell the freshest local seafood here. If you’re staying in the town, you can always find small beaches that are nice to dip in.

But, you can also put a little effort and go for a bit of a drive away from the city to visit Playa Zapallar and enjoy a more secluded beach away from the crowd. The choice is up to you, and you can enjoy it either way! It’s impossible to miss this hot tourist spot.

La Serena

la-serena Another small town you need to visit if you ever decide to visit Chile. La Serena is a tranquil town, with lots of beaches and activities. There are several famous beaches here, such as Playa El Faro that’s an ideal place to go for a surf thanks to its decent sized waves.

Be mindful that Playa El Faro is pretty famous among surfers, so you might find yourself on a crowded beach if you don’t get there early. If you want to get away from the crowd, you can make a bit of effort and find nearby beach spots like Cuatro Ezquinas and Playa Coquimbo. They also have nice stretches of sand and calm waters, but a little bit more low-key.

Playa del Cole Cole

This one is more for nature lovers, located in the Chile National Park, it has a long stretch of beach with golden sand. There’s vegetation surrounding the beach area, making it ideal for photoshoots. But, we need to warn you that the beaches here are not for swimming because the water is actually freezing cold! Come and visit if you’re after a nice walk along the beach, beautiful scenery and a hike on the nature trails.

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