11 Best Beaches in Bangladesh

Bangladesh may not be the go-to nation for beaches yet, but one look at this list and we guarantee you’ll want to add it to your bucket list. With beautiful greenery alongside its sandy beaches and the world’s longest beach in its pocket, Bangladesh is a strong contender for your next Asian getaway.

11 Best Beaches in Bangladesh

Beaches in Bangladesh are as beautiful as anywhere in Asia. Beaches in Bangladesh are located at the coast of Bay of Bengal. Beaches in Bangladesh include Cox’s Bazar Beach, Saint Martin’s Island, and Sonadia Beach. Beaches in Bangladesh attract tourists mostly during February-March. You may also want to check out the best beaches in Sri Lanka.

Beaches in Bangladesh are famous for water sports like swimming, snorkelling, banana boat riding etc. Beaches in Bangladesh offer possibilities for camping and bird watching by means of wooden walkway to enable visitors to get closer to species such as flamingos and pelicans living their normal lives quite near the beach

Cox’s Bazar Beach

This impressive beach stretches to over 125 km (78 miles) long; which lands it as the longest beach in the world! Thanks to its vast and wide beach you’ll feel like you have part of the beach all to yourself. This beach is well developed, which affords you many amenities that you won’t find anywhere else in the country.

There are lots of tourist activities that can satisfy young and old alike. From speed boating, horseback riding, beach restaurants and cafes – there’s no question that it’s a must-visit when you’re in Bangladesh.

Patenga beach

This flat bay has large chunks of concrete protecting its beach along the coastline. In the daytime, it’s a sleepy fishing village with not much going on, but visit the beach during nighttime and you’ll be welcomed with a vibrant atmosphere with sunsets and markets all over the beach. Don’t forget to taste their must-have seafood – fried spicy mud crab served with falafel and vegetables. It’s a great place to visit when you want to just unwind.

Naval Beach

Located in the same city as Patenga beach, this is another relaxing beach that’s less developed than others. Although there’s not much to do in terms of activities, Naval beach has lines and lines of beautiful colourful ships along the coastline and a nice area to sit and enjoy the sunset.

Inani Beach

If you want to get away from the crowd at Cox’s Bazar, you can visit the nearby Inani beach 27 km away. This beautiful flat beach shows its corals when it’s low tide. The surf is also much friendlier and less choppy than Cox’s Bazar, so you can have a relaxing swim here. The best time to visit is near sunset, but beware, thanks to its beauty this beach will surely be packed come sunset time.

You might want to visit it during weekdays to avoid the crowd and have the sunset to yourself. You can enjoy the coconuts and cruise along the shoreline using their sampan (boats).

Guliakhali Sea Beach

Located in the Chittagong district, this beach is also known as Muradpur to the locals. It’s a unique beach you won’t find anywhere else in the world, with the Kewa forest surrounded by sea waters.

This is one of the only places where you can see green grass engulfed by the surf. It’s a memorable place of solitude that you should include on your bucket list when you visit Bangladesh. You can also rent a boat to roam about between the greenery in the ocean. It’s quite beautiful in that it’s almost storybook-like.

Kuakata Beach

Located in Latachapali, it has a long stretch, 18 km of beach. One of its unique selling points is you can see both the sunrise and sunset here, thanks to its long beach that goes around from the east side of Gangamoti to the western sea beach. There’s also a difference in nature, with a sandy beach on one side, and rows of coconut trees on the other. Kuakata beach is a wonder of nature you’d want to include in your list of places to visit.

Parki Beach

Coming third only to Cox’s Bazar and Patenga beaches, Parki is an increasingly popular tourist destination. It’s another wonder of nature, with vast ocean waters on one side and greenery forest on the other. This beach is another sandy flat beach that you can stroll along, with very tame waves to swim in. It’s the ideal beach for those looking to relax for the day.

Saint Martin Island West Beach

The only coral island in Bangladesh, Saint Martin is well known for its awesome riverside and green hills. If you’re going to Bangladesh, you most definitely want to visit this island, as it’s one of the most famous tourist attractions in the country.

The contrast between the green hills, blue waters and rows of coconut trees, this is one place you won’t soon forget. It’s a well developed and versatile area, so there are lots of hotels catering to different types of tourists. You don’t want to miss the boat ride in the riverside of Tonga Hills.

Nijhum Dwip

It’s a small island in the southwest part of Noakhali district. Nijhum Dwip has a natural sandy beach and beautiful clear waters. It was previously uninhabited, but fishermen started to use the area in the late 1970s, making it livable and a tourist hot spot.

Kotka Beach

This sleepy area is located in the south east side of the Sundarbans, and like many other beaches in Bangladesh it has forestry green area near it. There’s also the famous Bengal Tiger attraction here in the forest sanctuary, so you might want to watch out and be safe when visiting! You can choose between enjoying the sandy beach or go along a nature’s walk in Kotka, either way it’s a trip you won’t regret.

Bashbaria Beach

A newly developed tourist area, Bashbaria beach might be smaller than others but you can have your choice of luxurious stay or casual lodgings here. It has sandy beaches and a green eco park hillside that you can enjoy during the day and night markets after sunsets.

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