7 Best Beaches in Kenya

Kenya is an East African country with coastline on the Indian Ocean. It has savannah, lakelands, the dramatic Great Rift Valley, and mountain highlands. There’s also an abundance of wildlife in this region such as lions, elephants and rhinos. You may also want to check out the best beaches in Egypt.

Aside from that, Kenya is also home to beautiful beaches that you can also enjoy while you’re taking some break from your safari. What are those beaches? Read on and find out the beast beaches in Kenya.

Best Beaches in Kenya

Kenya has some of the nicest beaches in Africa, but Kenya isn’t a popular tourist destination. It is a shame that Kenya doesn’t get more tourism because their beaches are beautiful and the safari animals are amazing to see. Not many people go on Kenya vacations so I highly recommend Kenya as your next travel destination.

Diani Beach

diani Diani is a unique beach, offering not only turquoise blue waters but also heavy green vegetation on its backdrop. The powdery soft white beaches are also so comfortable that you won’t want to leave the shore.

There’s a variety of accommodations to choose from, with beach resorts, hotels, hostels and honeymoon tree houses. If you’re bored of the beach, you can always go and spend some time at the Colobus Conservation or go wonder the Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest to hug trees.

Watamu beach

watamu Watamu beach is not that big in size, with only a small stretch of sandy beach available to share with other tourists. But fear not, this beautiful beach also has enormous coral reef underneath making it the perfect spot to go for scuba diving or snorkelling. There’s also sea turtle nests on the stretch of the beach near the reef. And to top it off, you can also swim with whale sharks if you’re lucky.

When you’re tired and need a break from the water, you can go to Arabuko Sokoke forest for a short safari getaway. There’s also Gede ruins for the history fanatics out there, which is an abandoned medieval settlement.

Malindi Beach

malindi Just next to Watamu beach, we have Malindi beach. It’s also known as Little Italy to the locals due to the large population of Italian tourists here. But who can blame them, the beach is flat and soft and the waters are calm.

The sunsets here are also one to look out for. Aside from Italians, this beach is also popular with fishing enthusiasts during the deep sea fishing season. If you’re not into fishing, there’s always snorkelling, waterski, and also scuba diving. Malindi is also famous for its after hours nightlife.

Lamu/Shela Beach

shela Known as the land of the dhows, Lamu is where the annual local competition of dhow sailing is held. Aside from being used in competitions, dhows are also regularly used for transportation from Lamu to Shela beach and Manda Island.

If you get seasick, you can skip the dhow ride and instead go snorkelling or swim with the dolphins. You can also go for an excursion to Takwa ruins, if you’re into history. Don’t forget to catch the sunset, and then swing by the local restaurants for the freshest seafood.

Tiwi Beach

tiwi Tiwi is still an unknown hidden gem, with only a few resorts and cottages available. This is because it’s located near Diani beach, which is a much more famous area compared to Tiwi. But Tiwi more than makes up for it with picturesque snorkelling sights, you can even touch the coral reef as you walk along the shores of the beach.

One of the best tricks is to stay at the more affordable Tiwi, and take a short walk to go and visit the neighboring Diani beach. That way, you can get the best of both worlds.

Shanzu Beach

shanzu An extensive length lined with sparkling beaches under the dazzling sunlight, Shanzu is a secluded beach located in the North Coast of the country. Similar to Tiwi, the coral reef starts at the shoreline and goes offshore. The coconut palm trees form a beautiful backdrop to this already impressive beach.

There’s limited choices of accommodations, but it’s ideal for those looking to just relax and forget it all. It’s the perfect passive beach holiday, enjoying the calm waves and the sunny beach. The only other entertainment here is a visit to Fort Jesus.

Nyali Beach

Nyali beach is a well developed region near Mombasa, a favorite among holidaymakers who still need their amenities. There are plenty of accommodations to choose from, either you’re into high end hotels or cheaper backpacker friendly hostels – the pick is up to you. The beach is also close to the Mombasa Marine Park, so you can go snorkelling and enjoy the reef. If you’re not into swimming or snorkelling, there’s also glass bottomed boats that you can rent for the day and watch the marine life. You can also spend time at Haller Park, Mamba Village Centre or Nguuni Sanctuary. Then at night, you can hit the nightlife hotspots in Mombasa.

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