Best Beaches in Koh Lanta

When you’re travelling through Thailand, most people talk about locations like Phuket, Koh Phangan and Krabi mainland as the places that you need to see. But just off the shore of Krabi is Koh Lanta, which has some of the best beaches in the world.

This whole region is perfect for those that love to spend time in the sea – it’s got everything you could need, and it’s the perfect place for you to go snorkelling or even scuba diving if you fancy it. But which are the best beaches to check out in Koh Lanta? Well, here are some of the top ones that you won’t want to miss if you’re planning a visit.

Best Beaches in Koh Lanta

Now, bear in mind that if you do travel to Koh Lanta, then you’re going to arrive at Saladan village. So, you’ll need to make your own way to these beaches on your own. Lets check out all of these beaches in closer detail.

Kantiang Bay

kantiang-bay Probably the most well known beach on the island, Kantiang Bay is one of the most visually impressive beaches not only on Koh Lanta, but in the whole of Asia. It’s a must visit if you’re planning to visit the Western coast of Thailand.

It’s around 2km long, and although it can get busy when there’s a lot of tourists around, most of the time this beach is pretty secluded. For this reason, it’s often the beach of choice for many couples who are looking to get away from their hectic lifestyle.

This beach has a whole community within walking distance, with a lot of different hotels and rentals nearby. There’s also a ton of good restaurants just a short walk away too. Overall, it’s probably the best beach on Koh Lanta, so don’t miss it.

Distance from Saladan Village: 30 mins | Best for: Romance

Pra-Ae Beach

pra-ae-beach Also referred to as the “Long Beach”, this is another one of the most well known beaches on the island. it’s closer to Saladan Village, so it’s a good one if you want to keep travelling down to a minimum.

Generally, you can split Pra-ae (also referred to as Phra-ae) into two different halves, depending on what activities you want to do. If you want to do some swimming, then you can stick to the Northern part of the beach. However if you want more scenic views, then go down to the rockier South end of the beach instead.

So, if you’re looking for glorious sunsets and some peace and quiet, then I’d recommend that you stop at Pra-ae beach for a few days and take in the surroundings. You can also find some super cheap rental accommodation nearby to the beach, too.

Distance from Saladan Village: 5-7 mins | Best for: Amazing sunsets

Khlong Nin

khlong-nin Right around the middle of the island on the West side you’ll find Khlong Nin. This is one of the largest beaches on the island, so if you’re looking for somewhere to walk across, this is a good bet.

This is another great beach on the island of Koh Lanta. If you want a large beach with a ton of restaurant choices and bars to visit, whilst still maintaining relative peace and relaxation, then definitely pay Khlong Nin a visit. There’s also lots of places to stay here as well, including the ability to rent something facing the beach front too.

Distance from Saladan Village: 20 mins | Best for: Family

Khlong Khong

If you hadn’t already guessed, pretty much the whole of Koh Lanta is the perfect place for you to get away from the stress of life. However, one of the best beaches on the island for this is Khlong Khong.

Whilst those that have been to both will argue between themselves, it’s often deliberated about which is better; Khlong Khong or Khlong Nin. They’re only a few minutes apart along the Western coastline of Koh Lanta, so you’ll definitely want to check them both out if you can.

Because this is a well known beach, you can often find good prices on accommodation here too. It’s good for swimming as well, but make sure you go when the tide is high. This is another top beach on this island!

Distance from Saladan Village: 15 mins | Best for: Bars

Khlong Dao

A beach near the North of the island, Khlong Dao stretches into another beach called Laem Koh Kwang Beach, which is right in the curve in the picture above.

This is one of the best places on the island for you to go snorkelling, especially if you’re a beginner. There’s a relatively small reef here, and it’s the perfect place to spot your first fish. Whilst you can still go snorkelling in the off season, it’s better to go during the peak times of summer (Nov-Apr).

This 3.5km beach is the perfect place to stop for families that are looking to get away. The water is quite shallow and gentle, so you can take kids with you too.

Distance from Saladan Village: 5 mins | Best for: Snorkelling

Nui Bay

If you’re looking for the ultimate beach for seclusion, then on Koh Lanta you’ll want to head to Nui Bay. This is one of the smaller beaches on the island, and it’s the perfect getaway.

Although it’s secluded, this beach can get quite windy depending on the time of year that you go. It’s a little bit further out than many fo the other beaches mentioned, but it’s worth it if you want to walk along this beach and experience it. Some people say that this is the best beach on Koh Lanta.

Distance from Saladan Village: 25 mins | Best for: Small beach

Klong Chak Bay

klong-jark-beach If you carry on down to the South of the island, you’ll come to Klong Chak beach. This is another one with a lot of fish, so it can be a good place to snorkel. This one is just along the shore from Nui Beach.

This beach is well known for it’s relaxed atmosphere, and even though not that many people visit Koh Lanta in general, even less folks make it down to this beach. This means it’s perfect if you’re looking for something with as little people as possible. The water here is beautiful and calm, and there’s plenty of places to find something to eat too.

Distance from Saladan Village: 35 mins | Best for: No people

Bonus – This are is also home to Klong Chak waterfall, which is around a 30 minute walk from the beach. i’ll admit it’s not the most breathtaking waterfall out there, but it’s still worth visiting if you want to trek through the jungle.



In conclusion, there are many beaches for you to explore on Koh Lanta. Whether you’re looking for somewhere closer to Saladan or you’re happy to travel a little further, there’s a variety of different options out there, whether you’re looking for great swimming locations or a friendly community.

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