Best Beaches in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is known for many things, and it’s one of the most underrated places to travel to in the entire world. It’s probably best known for it’s volcanoes, as well as having the second largest rainforest in this region of the Americas. It also has some of the world’s best beaches here too.

You can also see the best beaches in Panama. So which beaches are a must when you come to Nicaragua? Here are just some of the top ones to visit in the country.

Best Beaches in Nicaragua

Going to visit the Beaches in Nicaragua is a great and fun thing to do when you are in Nicaragua. Beaches, Beaches, Beaches that is what there is in this country.

Beaches in Nicaragua have great warm water and beautiful ladies playing volleyball on the White Sand Beaches of Nicaragua. If you live long enough and travel around the world like me then you will realize that beaches can be different but not better than one another because they are all unique for their own reasons.

Corn island

corn-island One of the most well known places to travel to in Nicaragua, the Corn islands have long been a dream destination for backpackers, surfers and anyone looking for a slice of paradise. It’s made up of two islands, aptly named Big Corn island and Little corn island. Over previous years, we’ve seen more resorts and hotels being built on these islands.

You can fly directly into Big corn island if you want to; it’s only around 40km off the East coast of Nicaragua. The islands are both lined with palm trees, pure white sand, clear blue water and a lot of marine life. This makes it a pretty popular destination for those looking to go snorkelling or if you’re feeling a little braver, scuba diving too.

As Big corn is the larger of the two islands (it’s around 3x the size of Little corn), most people usually venture around this island to find area to relax in. Many people choose to go to the most popular beach of the island, South West Bay. Bear in mind that if you want to visit Little Corn as well, then you’ll need to find the timetable, as trips aren’t that frequent.

They are probably the most well known islands off the coast of Nicaragua, and with more development done in recent years, it looks like they’ll become an increasingly popular destination for those looking for somewhere in Central America.

Redonda Bay

redonda-bay Redonda Bay, or Playa La Redonda, is a beach located on the Southside of the island, not too far from the border to Costa Rica. This beach is a little further up the coast from well known area Guacalito de La Isla. If you travel a little further up the coast, you’ll come to it’s bigger brother, Playa Gigante – another beach here worth visiting too.

Firstly, the view from Playa la Redonda is pretty amazing. It’s the perfect place to see the Sun rise and set in the evening. Just next to it’s there’s also Pie de Gigante, a small hike next to the beach, which can give an even better view of the Sun, as well as the two bays either side of it (Gigante & Redonda).

The water along this beach is very clear and easy to see through, and the sand is soft and clean too. This is a good region to come to if you’re looking to try out some sport activities as well, as there’s many different resorts here for those looking to try something new out.

There are many different places to stay along this coast, and they offer some good value for money too. Nicaragua is one of the most overlooked countries by those looking for a relaxing holiday, and the Playa La Redonda area is a good example of some of the beauty the mainland has to offer.

El Remanso

El-Remanso Located in the small area of El Sucio, El Remanso sits around 8km south of the closest large town San Juan del Sur, which is well known for it’s magnificent beaches in the nearby location.

El Remanso, or Playa Remanso, is definitely one of these. it doesn’t have the white beaches and clear turquoise waters that many people are looking for, as it’s a little more rugged than that. If you don’t want to drive here yourself along the bumpy roads, then you can get a shuttle here from nearby San Juan.

What this beach is pretty amazing for is surfing. The waves here can get pretty high, which attracts more experienced surfers to this destination. But, there are plenty of smaller waves here too, and it can make the perfect place for you to learn how to surf as well.

This beach is generally pretty quiet, which gives is a more tranquil feel than other resorts further up the coast. It has some of the best views you can find in Nicaragua, and the waves are perfect for surfers. So if this sounds like it’s what you’re looking for, add El Remanso to your list of Nicaraguan beaches to visit.

Las Penitas

las-penitas Much higher up the coast of Nicaragua, you’ll find the beach Las Penitas. This is around 5km in length, and filled with soft sands and clean water. This is a popular beach for both tourists, but also locals too, who often take the 25 minute drive from local town Leon.

This long beach is filled with different bars and various different options here in terms of accommodation. You’ll also be able to find some good restaurants here too, and they suit everyone from those looking for a budget option to folks looking for a great lobster dinner.

Again, this is another perfect place to come if you’re looking to test out your surfing skills. You can get a board rental for as little as $5 or $10 for the day, and you can even get lessons for a relatively cheap price here as well. There’s also quite a lot of horses here too, so if you’d like to take a ride along the beach, this is the perfect place to do so.

This region is probably best known for being the best area in the world to try out volcano surfing/boarding – yes, that’s right, it’s a sport. This is usually done at Cerro Negro, a volcano around 20 minutes the other side of Leon. So for adrenaline junkies, this area is one of the best in Nicaragua.


Overall, Nicaragua should definitely make it onto your list of destinations to see if you’d like somewhere that has a bit of everything. It has great beaches, as well as great places to hike and explore too, with an abundance of different wildlife here too.

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