Best Beaches in Taiwan

Taiwan is one of Asia’s best destinations to visit if you’re looking for somewhere interesting to explore. Whilst it isn’t well known for it’s beaches, there’s definitely some spots that you’ll want to check out if you’re planning a visit. Because strong currents hit the island from the East, most of the best beaches in Taiwan are either in the North of the island close to the capital Taipei, or in the South of the island, within close proximity of port city Kaohsiung.

They aren’t quite on the level of the beaches in Cambodia. But out of all the beaches in this country, which ones are the best? We’ll look at the best Taiwanese beaches, both in the North and the South of the country.

Best Beaches in Taiwan

The are various different beaches in Taiwan that may appeal to different interests. Here is a list of some of the more well known beaches that are worth visiting in Taiwan. Beaches range from national parks to private resorts;

Fulong Beach

fulong-beach A well known beach in Taiwan is Fulong beach – this is mainly because it’s only an hour away from the capital Taipei, so it attracts both foreigners and locals throughout the year.

And as you’d expect from any beach so close to a large city, there’s a whole load of activities to do at Fulong beach too. This includes sailing, surfing and even canoeing if that takes your fancy. It’s also home to Taiwan’s famous sand sculpture festival, which takes place every summer. Then, you’ll be able to see some of the best sand sculptures not only from Taiwanese artists, but international artists travel over just for the event too.

It’s also home to the Ho-hai-yan Rock Festival during the later summer as well, which is one of the biggest events for rock enthusiasts. Although many people choose to just make the daytrip out here from the city, there’s also some great accommodation options in Fulong if you want to stay a few nights too. For anyone visiting the capital city of Taipei, it’s definitely one to have on your agenda.

Time from Taipei: 1 hour | Best for: Summer festivals

Baisha Beach

baisha-beach Right down at the opposite end of the country to Taipei, you’ll find the National park of Kenting. And in this National park you’ll find one of Taiwan’s best beaches, commonly referred to as Baisha beach. Out of the whole of the island, it’s probably the best place to catch a nice sunset.

The beach itself is quote far away from Kenting street, which means that it’s one of the cleanest beaches in the area. The water is clear and clean too, making it a good choice if you’re looking for a beach where you can actually go swimming. Although this is in a national park, it’s actually not as busy as you may think – Taiwan itself is still a sorely underestimated place to visit. So, you won’t be inundated with foreigner tourists at every turn.

This is a good beach to visit for both adults and for families with younger kids too. There are a few places to get some excellent seafood in the area, and if you’re in the South of Taiwan, it’s a must visit.

Time from Kaohsiung: 1 hour 45 min | Best for: Beautiful sunsets

Dawan Beach

Another beach in Kenting national park that is worth visiting is called Dawan beach. If you’re in Kenting anyway, then it’s very easy to access Dawan as it’s just a short walk away from the main strip.

The sand along this beach is very soft, and it’s perfect for just playing around and making sandcastles. Oh, and I obviously should mention that the ways here can get very choppy, and swimming at this beach is actually prohibited, which will turn a lot of people away. However, if you’re just looking for somewhere to enjoy the scenery, then Dawan is a good place to be.

Time from Kaohsiung: 1 hour 45 min | Best for: Beautiful sunsets

Laomei beach

laomei-beach Heading back to the North of the island now, and a little way North of Taipei you can find Laomei beach, also referred to as the Green Reef beach. If you want to see it at it’s best, you’ll want to visit between the months of March and May.

As you can see from the picture, this beach is well known for it’s unusual green algae, which covers the rocks and makes it an excellent spot for taking pictures. obviously, you shouldn’t step on the algae as it can damage it, so this isn’t a good beach to visit if you actually want to do any swimming. But for the spectacle, it’s probably worth a visit, and if you like to walk across the seaside, then it’s a must.

Time from Taipei: 1 hour | Best for: Algae beauty

Cijin Beach

cijin-beach Probably the easiest beach to find in the whole of Kaohsiung, Cijin beach is not far from the city centre of Kaohsiung. It’s quite easily accessible, and Cijin Island is located just a short ferry ride away from the city.

The island is one of the best places to explore in the area, and many people decide renting a bicycle as the best method of transport around the island. As soon as you get to Cijin, you’ll be welcomed by a big market of seafood, which is every holidaymakers dream (well it’s mine, at least). Cijin is well known for it’s distinctive dark sand and warm water. The heat can definitely get quite intense on Cijin though, so make sure to pack a hat if you’re visiting throughout the summer months.

All around this island you’ll find some good vibes and a relaxed atmosphere. And because of it’s close distance to the city, it’s a lot easier to get to than Kenting for most people.

Time from Kaohsiung: 20 min | Best for: Good vibes


In conclusion, Taiwan is never going to be one of the best Asian countries in the world for beaches when you look at it’s neighbours. However, just because it may not have the golden sands of Thailand, that doesn’t mean to say that you should skip over it. Taiwan is one of the best countries to explore in general, making it one of the most underrated backpacker destinations out there.

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