Best Beaches in Tunisia

Tunisia is the northermost country in Africa, bordered by the Mediterranean Sea in the north and east. It’s situated on the Mediterranean coast, midway between the Atlantic Ocean and the Nile Delta, so no wonder it’s also known for many beautiful beaches. If Tunisia is your next holiday destination, don’t forget to include these beaches into your must visit list! We promise you won’t regret it.

Best Beaches in Tunisia

  1. Hammamet One of the most well known area in Tunisia, this location is a coastal town in northern part of the country; about 60 km from the capital city of Tunis. The nice waves is ideal for those looking to swim, surf and play other water sports. You can also stroll through Medina, which is an old and hostoric neighborhood by the water surrounded by a wall protecting it. There are also the ruins of the Roman Empire era, such as Pupput and Kerkouane.
  2. Djerba Beach Located in the south east region of the country, this beach is a popular peninsula that’s filled with wonderful beaches. The beaches have different attractions, you can go swimming, surfing and sun bathing near the turquoise water. There’s also white sandy beaches and old charming towns and villages near the peninsula, making it the perfect vacation spot for all family members. Don’t skip on the fresh seafood!
  3. Monastir A picturesque region, with golden sandy coast and shining water, the beach is not too wide, but it makes up with the cleanliness of the beach and water. It’s quiet developed area, so you can find plenty of accomodations here to choose from. There’s also plenty of activities such as banana boat ride, surfboard, horseback riding, and even camel back riding! If you did decide to come, do us a favor and stay for the most beautiful sunset of your life.
  4. El Haouaria Beach A must see area, El Haouaria is a beach adorned with sleepy villages and natural surroundings. It’s dubbed as the most beautiful beach in Tunisia, with a bustling town

that can keep you active all day and all night. Time your visit properly, such as March and May to watch the thousands of birds flying across the mountains and crossing over to Europe. There’s also hiking treks which you can indulge in after you’re tired of sun soaking. Backed by the steep cliffs and rugged coastlines, it’s an experience of a lifetime.

  1. Plage De Chaffar Beach Located just 26 km south of the city of Sfax, this beach is a favorite among locals. Chaffar beach has friendly waves, suitable for those bringing their kids for a holiday. The sand is golden and soft, perfect for the parent watching over their kids from under the traditional parasols lining the beach. Be mindful though, it can get a bit crowded, as the locals from Sfax tend to visit during weekends.
  2. Cap Angela Located in the northernmost point of the African continent, this is a gem in it self. You will appreciate the beauty of this geographic oddity, along with the statu of Africa to commemorate the landmark as well as the black and white lighthouse. The waves are choppy, and there are lots of corals around, so most locals come to enjoy the breathtaking view. But there’s a small beach where you can actually enjoy a day out for a picnic. It’s near Tunis and Bizerte, so there are lots of acommodations to choose from.
  3. La Marsa The town is located around 15 km from the capital city Tunis, and is a coastal town in the northeastern area. This place was a summer capital during the rpe colonial era, thanks to its beautiful beaches and views of the sea. Now it’s very developed, and has a number of relaxing and luxurious resorts that are favorites among wealthy tourists. Don’t forget to stop by Baths of Antoninus, which are a series of publis Roman baths from the 2nd century! There’s also Byrsa and Carthage Nasional Museum where you can find ancient relics and arts.
  4. Sidi Bou Said A beautiful white washed town on the Gulf of Tunis, you’ll be reminded of Greek islands when you come here. If you’re after the Mediterranean style getaway, this is the palce to visit, as it’s a beautiful mixture of North African and Greek cultures. The beach is calm and friendly, and the beautiful architecture will surely get your history buffs going. There are also museums and rooftop bars that you can enjoy when you tire of the beach life.
  5. Gammarth

Another area near the city of Tunis, it’s a coastal town that has access to the Mediterranean Sea and spectacular views. The seafood is also said to be one of the best here. It’s a high end holiday destinations, lined with expensive hotels, restaurants and shops. You should make sure you get a taste of the Tunisian culture here, with Bardo Museum and Carthaginian Ruins around. Don’t forget to take a stroll across the city to check out the local lifestyle and great souvenirs or boutiques.

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