Northern Mariana Islands Tidal Locations

We have a total of 6 tide stations across 4 regions in Northern Mariana Islands.

You can choose a state, region, or county below, or use the table which contains the full list of tidal stations in Northern Mariana Islands.

Complete list of 6 tide stations in Northern Mariana Islands

Station State Latitude Longitude
Pagan Island, Marianas Northern Islands 18.133301 145.766998
Rota Island Rota Island 14.1333 145.132996
Rota Island, Marianas Rota Island 14.1333 145.132996
Saipan Harbor, Saipan Island, Marianas Saipan 15.2 145.716995
Tanapag Harbor, Saipan Island, Marianas Saipan 15.2267 145.737
Tinian Island, Marianas Tinian 14.9667 145.617004