8 Best Beaches in Namibia

Namibia is a country in southwest Africa, known for the Namib desert along its Atlantic Ocean coast. It’s home to diverse wildlife and sceneries ranging from desert to coastal towns. Also, take a quick look at the best beaches in South Africa.

Although Namibia is not famed for its coastline, there are several decent beaches that you can visit here if you’re looking for a short getaway. Read on and find out more about the beaches in namibia!

8 Best Beaches in Namibia

Visiting the best Beaches in Namibia is certainly on everyone’s travel bucket list. Beaches are the most common destinations during summer and an ultimate getaway from everything stressful in life. The Beaches of Namibia have got something that will blow your mind away, it is the sand dunes, surfing spots and excellent white blend sand shores with warm water to lap yourself up while you enjoy reading a book or just digesting some knowledge.

Beaches in Namibia offer pristine beaches for endless hours. Beaches being locations where people relax and chill out have been there for ages along with other recreational activities such as fishing and swimming which involve boats to access these sites found on Lake Fish River Mouth, Swakopmund Beaches and Walvis Bay Beaches are among the most famous Beaches in Namibia.

Henties Bay

Henties-Bay This beach is a resort town on the northern coast of Namibia, known for its beautiful views of the sea. The hotels and inns are located on high sand dunes to avoid corrosion, so you must be prepared to have a little climb after a day out in the sand to reach back to your hotel.

The beaches are wide, sand is soft and the water is calm. So it’s ideal for a stroll. The main activity here is actually fishing, so be sure to check out the local restaurants to enjoy their local cuisines.

Langstrand Bay

Langstrand-Bay This small seaside village is located halfway between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay. This beach is another one where you can stroll alongside the shoreline, and boasts amenities such as spas and relaxation places.

If you’re strong enough, you can take a dip, but be warned, the water is cold and the currents are strong. This place is more exclusive and expensive compared to other beaches, but the services offered are worth the price.

Torra Bay

torra-bay This beach is secluded, and a place where you can enjoy beautiful wildness of the Atlantic. It’s good enough to swim in, but just like other beaches, Torra bay has cold waters, so be prepared. It’s a famous spot where people stopover at night to enjoy the stars, thanks to its proximity to Skeleton Coast.

There’s no hotels here, so if you really want to stay at Torra bay, your only option would be the camp site.

Skeleton Coast

skeleton-coast The Skeleton coast is at the northern part of Namibia. Although it’s not suitable for swimming, Skeleton Bay is now known as a great location for surfing. The coast is largely soft sand interrupted by rockt outcrops. The southern part consists of gravel plains, while the north is dominated by high sand dunes. It’s also home to a wilderness area that’s protected by the government.

The riverbeds are home to baboons, giraffes, lions, black rhinoceros, and springbok. So be sure not to wander around yourself, or you might put yourself and others in danger. Nevertheless, this place is a must visit when you go to Namibia.


swakopmund Swakopmund is actually ranked as the most popular area for beach resorts in Namibia. It features some old colonial buildings, so it’s also suitable for history buffs. The waves are pretty strong, so it’s not really suitable for a swim, maybe just a stroll along the beach or a dip is still allowed.

You can always go on a cruise or safari here, then go back to enjoy the shoreline and its view at night. There are a lot of low budget accommodations here, so it’s backpacker friendly. But it’s also home to several upscale hotels. The choice is yours!

Walvis Bay

Walvis-Bay If you’re after seafood and great local restaurants, Walvis Bay is the one to visit. It’s a major port in Namibia, and offers some of the tastiest of its cuisines. The most decent beach is called Independence Beach in the northeast suburbs.

You can also go on flamingos or pelican watching in the western suburbs here, as well as fishing via boat tour. The accommodations here are geared more towards those seeking cheaper stays, so you can have you pick!

Pomona Bay, Luderitz

Luderitz Luderitz is the secondary port on the southern coast of Namibia. It’s known to be the place for flamingo watching in the wild Agate Beach, and there’s also a colony of penguins that usually drops by to visit near the town. If you’re a history buff, their main attraction is actually the old German houses in the city center, so be sure to visit those.

Cape Cross

cape-cross Cape Cross is a beach located on the Atlantic coast of Namibia that’s known for its huge colony of seals. The view is some of the most wonderful in Namibia, but beware, the seals can sometimes mean awful smells when you get too close.

You can stroll along the boardwalk and soak in the views here. There’s only one hotel in the area, so if you don’t really like it you can stay at the nearby Henties Bay instead. Make Cape Cross a short day visit, then go back to Henties Bay after.

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