Best Beaches in St Kitts & Nevis

Looking for somewhere to take a trip in the Caribbean? Then you might want to consider travelling to the islands St Kitts and Nevis. They have some of the best beaches you can find in this part of the world. You may also want to check out the best beaches in Haiti.

Also known as Sugar City, this is one of the top places to come if you want to get away from the rest of the world. But which beaches should you visit whilst there? Well, we’re going to check out some of the best ones.

Best Beaches in St Kitts & Nevis

If you’re going to visit St Kitts & Nevis, you should make sure that you check out some of its beaches. While the water is usually too rough for swimming or watersports, these sandy beaches are great for relaxing, enjoying a little shade under a palm tree, or just taking in the gorgeous views of the Caribbean Sea and neighbouring islands. Beaches can be found all over St Kitts & Nevis.

South Friars Bay Beach

South-Friars-Bay-Beach One of the better known beaches on St Kitts, South Friars Bay is often one of the first places people go when they come to the island. Unlike many other beaches in the Caribbean which are blessed with light sand, this beach has a much darker tone due to the volcanic sand here.

Most people think that this beach provides a great balance between liveliness and being a little too busy. Whilst the beach itself can get pretty busy, there’s usually always a spot that you can find which is a bit quieter if you want to relax. The beach itself is quite long, so there’s plenty of room for everyone.

On the weekends, you can come here and enjoy a bit of a livelier atmosphere, with different bars along the coast for you to take your pick from. Whilst it’s not a full party atmosphere, it’s definitely good for those looking for a little excitement.

As the name might suggest, this bay is a great place to go snorkelling too. Many families choose to bring their kids here, so it might be a good family location if you’re looking for somewhere to take the little ones.

Cockleshell Bay Beach

Cockleshell-Bay-Beach Cockleshell bay is located right at the Southern point of St Kitts, and it’s a nice cove to come and visit if you’re looking for a good beach. This is the same location that you’ll likely come to get a water taxi to Nevis if you want to head over there, so there’s no reason not to stop at this beach for a little while if you’re going to be passing anyway.

As well as the views from the location, the beach itself is great too. Beige sand combined with calm turquoise water make it one of the more attractive beaches here, and it’s a great spot to come if you want to go snorkelling as well.

If you’re looking for somewhere with a lot of different stuff to do, then this area has a lot of restaurants and bars for you to try out as well. Although still busy, it typically isn’t as busy as South Friars, and it’s one of the better places to come if you want to find somewhere a little quieter.

Majors Bay

majors-bay Just a few bays along from Cockleshell bay, you’ll eventually come to Major’s bay, which is at the very South-west of St Kitts. Even in comparison to Cockleshell, this beach attracts far fewer tourists. So if you’re looking for somewhere secluded to come on this island, then going to Major’s bay is definitely a good idea.

Most of the time, this bay is used to ferry people between the two islands, which might be one of the reasons it’s not so popular as a beach itself. However, they’re missing out, as this is a great area to relax at.

Certain areas of Major’s bay are sectioned off for the turtles, as this is where they come to nest. But overall, the water here is crystal clear and the sand is soft. There’s also an old wreck just offshore too, which makes for a great place to snorkel around too!

Pinney’s Beach

pinneys-beach Some people that comes to St Kitts and Nevis never venture over to Nevis island at all. And that would be a mistake, as although St Kitts has the majority of the beaches here, there are some good ones on Nevis too. One of these is Pinney’s beach.

This beach is located to the West of the island, and although there’s not a lot of information about it online, it’s a well known place to go if you end up going to St Kitts and Nevis. It’s relatively private and secluded, but there’s a good array of bars for you to frequent there as well.

It’s a long beach, so it can make a good walk to trek from one end to the other. It’s also not too far from Nevis Peak – the famous volcano on this island – if you want to do both of them in one day (however, pretty much everywhere on the island is within a long walks distance from Nevis Peak!).

South Frigate Beach

South-Frigate-Beach Although the black and beige sand mixture puts some people off this beach, it definitely give it an unusual design in comparison to the rest of the Caribbean. Whilst there are some activities here, generally the more energetic stuff is done on the North side of the island, as this has more waves.

No, the South side is much calmer, which makes it a much better option if you’re just looking to chill out. The calmer waters also make this area a pretty good choice if you’re going to try out snorkelling as well. The water here is calmer, and it’s nice and warm too so there will be no shock to your system jumping into something cold.

Typically, if you’re coming on a cruise to St Kitts, then this is going to be your closest beach from your docking port. It’s also less than a km to get to the other side of the island if you want to explore this region too.


In conclusion, between both St Kitts and Nevis island there’s a lot to do and see across the two. Whilst it’s not one of the best known Caribbean islands, it definitely has a good assortment of beaches to choose from (and rum shacks, too!).

As well as the beaches here, you’ll also have a lot of other things to do here as well. This includes volcano hiking and lots of old history for you to explore. So, maybe you should add St Kitts and Nevis to your list of places to visit.

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