Best Beaches in Trinidad and Tobago

Just off the coast of Venezuela, Trinidad is well known for its famous carnival. and Tobago is known for its amazing forest reserve. However, both islands are known for their awesome beaches. You may also want to check out the best beaches in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Across the two, there are many different beaches in Trinidad and Tobago for you to explore. And, it’s fairly easy to cross between them if you’re interested in visiting both. So, out of all the beaches they have to offer, which ones should you visit? Here are a few of the top beaches on Trinidad and Tobago.

Best Beaches in Trinidad and Tobago

There are some Beaches in Trinidad and Tobago which are considered as the top beaches in the region. This is not an exclusive list of Beaches in Trinidad and Tobago which people like to visit, but these beaches are certainly worth a visit.

Pigeon Point Beach

One of the best spots in the country, Pigeon Point beach is right as the South-west peak of the smaller island, Tobago. It’s around a 20 minute drive from Scarborough, which is Tobago’s port, and it’ll take you around 3 hours via Ferry to make the trip between the two island.

Many people stay in local resorts on the island, and there are some great places here for you to stay too. Along the route to the beach, you’ll find folks with small stalls selling different snacks and drinks.

What’s to like about this beach? Well, although it’s known for being one of Trinidad and Tobago’s best beaches, it still doesn’t get too busy. It’s generally quite quiet, and water is calm too. This beach has quite a lot of facilities, and the beach itself is maintain to a really high standard by the local staff.

This is one of the best spots to come if you’re visiting Tobago, and it’s definitely one of the best places to come if you want to get some photos too. The view from Pigeon Point is pretty magnificent to say the least!

Pirate’s Bay

pirates-bay Right at the other end of Tobago, you’ll find a much quieter beach called Pirate’s Bay, which feels like it’s hidden away and secluded from the world. It’s not so easy to get to Pirate’s bay, and it’ll take an extra bit of effort to get here. But, that does mean that it’s often not so busy here.

You can only get to this beach either by boat, or a pretty long walk. There’s no way you can just rock up and get straight to the beach here. You need to walk down a trail from the town of Charlotteville, with around 100 steep steps to get there – so just keep this in mind.

Essentially, this is the perfect beach if you’d rather not have sellers and other tourists annoying you – there’s no bars or restaurants here, so make sure that you’re stocked up with supplies. The beach is soft and the water relatively calm, and it’s the perfect place to set up and relax for an entire day.

As well as being a great place to do nothing, it’s also a pretty great place if you want to do some snorkelling too – it’s a great place for you to spot some beautiful fish!

Store Bay

Store-Bay You don’t have to get the ferry to Tobago – it has it’s own airport too. And right by the airport you’ll find one of the best beaches on the island in Store bay, with many folk saying that it’s their favorite beach here.

The water here is calm and clear, and although it’s one of the first beaches you may come to if you fly into Tobago, it’s not too busy either. Its quite shallow as well, so it could be a good place to come if you’re not a confident swimmer.

This beach is one of the best ones on the island for swimming, but also for the array of food choices you have around too. if you’re looking to taste some true Tobagonian foods. It’s also a good place to come if you’re interested in arts and crafts, as there are some stalls with this around the area.

For those flying into Tobago, then a stop at Store bay should be high on your priority list.

Mount Irvine Bay

Mount-Irvine-Bay When you consider the size of Tobago, it’s actually pretty amazing the amount of great beaches it has for you to explore. Another top one at down at the Western side of the island is Mount Irvine bay, which is easy to get to as it’s just off of the main road.

If you’re looking to enjoy some water activities, then this is certainly a great place to do so. On the left of the beach you’ll be able to snorkel at the calmer end, and just relax. If you’re interested in giving surfing a go, then you can head to the right side of the beach, where the waves are a little rougher.

As well as having activities to do, this beach is also great for anyone looking for a clear and clean beach to explore. The water and the reefs here are pretty beautiful, and the restaurant here is a great place to pick up some food too!

Englishman’s Bay

englishmans-bay Along the North side of Tobago you’ll find Englishman’s Bay, which is another reason to visit this island. The facilities are very basic here, but people go for the beach, not the bars when visiting Englishman’s Bay.

The majority of the time, this beach is actually pretty empty. It’s secluded destination and lack of fellow tourists is just one of the reasons why it’s a must visit in this country. The water in the bay is very calm, and the beach is always clean due to the lack of people using it. If you can make it to the beach in the early morning, then you might end up being the only person using it.

Whilst you can find some snorkelling spots here, you need to go pretty far out to find them. So, make sure that you’re a strong swimmer if you do – there’s a pretty steep drop when swimming out from this beach. So, just keep this in mind.


In conclusion, although many say that Tobago has the better beaches of the two islands, there are also some great beaches to explore on the larger island of Trinidad too. As well as this, Trinidad has more of a lively feel about it, whereas Tobago is where you can go to really relax.

They’re both covered in great beaches and good atmosphere, which makes it a great destination if you’re looking for your next holiday.

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